Setting Up Utilities in Tampa

Man With Bill

You've finally moved in, congratulations! The moving process is almost over. Now, the only chore left is to set up your utilities. For this process, we recommend you to be patient and to stay calm. Remember, thousands of new or returning residents are settling in at the same time as you are, so the phone lines of your utility companies will be busier than ever. For the best deals on certain cable, water, or electric services and packages, we advise you either call

in advance and prior to moving, just so you can save time, or call in and ask about them immediately when you settle in. Whichever you prefer; during this season, most companies tend to have certain offers and dealings regardless. Here's a list of numbers and addresses of the many utility companies in Tampa. Oh, and before we forget, pay your bills on time!

Solid Waste, Wastewater and Water:

Tampa Municipal Office Building
306 East Jackson Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

(813) 274-8211


Tampa Electric
P.O. Box 111
Tampa, FL 33601-0111

Toll Free Automated System: 1-877-588-1010

Natural Gas:

TECO Peoples Gas
702 North Franklin Street
P.O. Box 2562
Tampa, Florida 33601-2562

Toll Free Number: 1-877 TECO PGS (1-877-832-6747)

Cable, Internet, and Phone:

Bright House Networks (Hillsborough County)
1945 W. Brandon Blvd
Brandon FL, 33511