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Create a memory you will treasure forever, and take a trip to view the sunset at Treasure Island, FL. The Atlantic Ocean swells and shifts, it is always crashing, shaping, and changing. On the other side of our Waterline in Tampa BaySunshine State is a different type of saltwater. The Gulf of Mexico sits opposite of Tampa Bay and creates a peaceful atmosphere ideal for some weekend rest and recreation. For the perfect sunset, you’re going to need to set sail (or GPS) toward Treasure Island, FL… conveniently located just 20 minutes from The Bay.

Okay, Captain, begin your adventure by searching for what time the sun sets! You’re going to need to time this adventure just right. Plan to arrive at Treasure Island at least 15-20 minutes before sunset. This will leave time to find a parking spot and head toward the beach. Treasure Island has a long span of clean, white sand that is unique for Florida. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the strip of restaurants and hotels to the Gulf. The gorgeous sand offers a buffer between the commercial strip and the natural beauty of the ocean. You just might find a seashell or two to add to the shelf in your new apartment.

Remove your shoes and feel the sand between your toes, the warm Tampa sun on your face, and cool Gulf breeze on your cheeks. Take an evening stroll toward the water to clear your head and watch as the falling sun nears the horizon. If you time your walk just right, you will reach the shoreline just as you find peace in the seemingly endless blue waters and exploding sky of color that is the Gulf Sunset. When the light fades, make your way back to the real world and enjoy drinks and appetizers at one of the many tiki-themed restaurants that line the shore.

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Treasure Island Beach Snoballs

Sanding Ovation- Treasure Island's annual sand scupting competition