Tips for Meeting Your New Apartment Neighbors

Settling Down

You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your neighbors. You see them everywhere and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities. However, with their oddities and all, these people will become very familiar during the time in your new apartment. Neighbors aren’t strange, isolated creatures; they’re mostly ordinary people going through life and paying bills, just like you. Now, we understand approaching people, let alone neighbors, for the first time can be tricky and awkward. Reach out using these tips for being a neighborly neighbor.

If you see them, wave!

A small wave can ripple into a friendship! Make a habit of waving to or greeting your new neighbors Potluck Dinnerwhenever you cross paths. Showing gratitude and respect with a small hello can do wonders. Your neighbors will accept your warming welcome, greet you back, and next time they need a cup of flour they might just stop by.

Stop by their place with a dessert- or a good conversation.

Make a batch of cookies for the kids, or bring by a bottle of wine for the older crowd. It really doesn’t matter what you give them. By showing up at their door, you both will have the opportunity get to know each other better and finally stop being strangers. Everyone wants a neighbor who is friendly, nice, appreciative, and willing to go the extra doorbell ring.

Lend out a helping hand!

If you see them struggling with groceries or shopping bags, ask if they need help! Your neighbor will feel appreciated and relieved that you were there to help them. Don’t be afraid to accept a helping hand, either! Letting a neighbor help you carry up boxes on move in day could be the ultimate bonding experience.

If you’re throwing a party or get together, invite them!

Understand that if you throw a party, your home won’t be the only place hearing the music and motion. Reusable Grocery BagsYour neighbors will too, whether they like it or not. By leaving a note apologizing in advance for any extra noise and inviting them over, you’ll gain some insurance for the success of your gathering and maybe even a new guest or two.

Attend community events and introduce yourself to them.

Grab a community calendar and see what’s going on this month in your new apartment community. Community events usually last for a couple of hours but they’ll leave you having dozens of acquaintances and familiar faces in the long run. It’s the crème of the crop for networking in your community and meeting your neighbors and/or community employees. Is your next community event too far away? Why not talk to the leasing office and see if the clubhouse could be used for a community potluck or any other neighborly gathering!

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