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    Find Townhome Apartments in Tampa Bay, FL

    Townhome apartments combine the best amenities of a single-family home and a true condominium. Townhome apartments in Tampa Bay are typically two-story homes that sometimes include an attached garage and private yard. Townhome apartments are superior to regular apartments in many ways. They are so popular that vacancies can be hard to come by in many places. Townhouse apartments have two or three levels, which is one of the few ways to have a stairway in your apartment. It's appealing for many decorating styles, and the separation of the two floors makes it easier to keep your apartment looking neat for guests who drop by. For example, you can keep the downstairs looking orderly, while delaying your cleaning of upstairs bedrooms. Townhome apartments offer as little as one bedroom or as many as four bedrooms. So, you're sure to find an apartment that meets your spatial needs.

    Townhome Apartments in Tampa: The Perks

    Townhome apartments often have a small backyard. You can try your hand at gardening in your backyard, whereas you can't in a regular apartment unless you have a balcony or a deck. If you have a pet, this can be the perfect space for them to get a little exercise or fresh air. Townhome apartments in Tampa can be a money saver because they are energy efficient. When the cold winds blow or the sweltering heat of mid-summer is blistering, modern townhomes are the epitome of energy efficiency. Sharing wall space with your neighbor can save you some significant bucks in heating and cooling costs. Newer townhomes in Tampa are also built with a green concept and superior quality materials.

    When you rent a townhome apartment in Tampa Bay, your new community will likely have amenities for you to take advantage of! Most townhome apartment communities have a gym, a pool, a laundry room, tennis courts and even a recreation room that residents can sign up to use for parties. These shared amenities create a more social environment. When living in a residential neighborhood, it's natural to feel a sense of community. Living in the same building as someone else that you see quite often creates a stronger sense of community as well as comfort. The community can also create a sense of exclusivity, as many townhome apartment communities are gated or require key access. To find townhome apartments in Tampa that offers the amenities on your list, use our search tools and we will populate the apartments in Tampa that meet your criteria.

    Where are Townhome Apartments in Tampa Located?

    Townhome apartments are a popular design in the greater Tampa Bay area. You can travel North to New Port Richey or South to the Westshore district and anywhere in between and easily find this style of apartment living. This grants you much flexibility in location. Visit our Neighborhood Guide to learn more about sub districts of Tampa and decide what area will fit you and your lifestyle.

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