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Apartments near Longboat Key

Longboat Key

Find Apartments near Longboat Key in Sarasota, FL

Have you always dreamed of living on an island paradise? You won’t have to look further than the spectacular Longboat Key in Tampa. This area boasts some of the whitest sands and clearest waters in Gulf coast, full of remarkable Florida wildlife like dolphins and manatees. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe the wildlife inside some of Longboat Key’s gorgeous parks. You can also find several unique local dining options, like the Blue Dolphin Café, Maison Blanche, and Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant. The careful planning and zoning restrictions near Longboay Key apartments have resulted in a beautiful living environment without overcrowding. One visit to Longboat Key will have you rushing to make this town your new home!

Apartments near Longboat Key: Lease Types

If you’re looking for a particular lease type, our website can help you identify the communities in Longboat Key that meet your needs. Simply select the area you are interested in, then click on “Lease Length by Month.” You can choose from 3 to 15 months as a filter, making it easy to view only the apartments in Longboat Key that would work best for you. Residents who plan on moving around frequently may be interested in short-term leases, while a more permanent living situation would work well with a fixed-term lease. The fixed-term leases commonly require annual contracts and a stable monthly rent fee. You should be able to find the right apartment for you in this gorgeous town.

Apartments near Longboat Key: Features and Amenities

Since apartments near Longboat Key are so close to stunning beaches and sparkling water, some residents may desire to find a community that gives them a great view of this Florida landscape. You’ll be able to find several apartments in the area with nature views that overlook your favorite beach or nature area. Since so many parts of Longboat Key are spectacular to begin with, it won’t be difficult to find a unit that fits this criteria!

Along these lines, residents may also be interested in a patio or balcony. Several apartments near Longboat Key offer this feature, and you can choose between a screened or open option depending on your preferences. Patios can be fantastic for plants and bird feeders, or can be used as extra storage space for your bicycle and other items. This town is abundant with scenic bike trails, so you’ll definitely be able to use it here.

More about Apartments near Longboat Key

It may already be hard to pass up Longboat Key apartments after reading about these fantastic resident perks! However, these are only a few of the great advantages of living in a tropical paradise. This town also has a wonderful Science Museum at the Blivas Science & Technology Center, as well as Longboat Key Center for the Arts. The latter gives you the opportunity to enjoy exhibitions or take a range of fun art classes! Once you find a few communities you are interested in, you can easily schedule an in-person visit for an apartment near Longboat Key using our website.

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