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At, we don't just give you a list of Tampa apartments to choose from; instead, we provide you with the tools and information you need to be confident that, out of all the apartments in Tampa, you've found the perfect place for you. There's no need to drive around town and walk into apartments, blindly hoping to find what you're looking for -- our staff of trusted experts and local residents have done all the searching you need when it comes to finding the best Tampa apartments. The hardest thing you have to do is narrow down which one is right for you.

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What's equally impressive is the folks behind We have a team of local experts standing by to answer your questions about Tampa apartments, and we post the answers to the most frequently asked questions. From this, we've compiled a list of 448 FAQs, and we add more every week! Not only that, but our team has visited almost all the apartments in Tampa to ensure you have the most accurate information available, so you can make the most informed decisions. We recognize how important it is for you to find which Tampa apartments are best for you, which is why you can count on us to have your back. From answering questions to helping you schedule a tour, we're here to help.

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  • Are there any Tampa apartments near golf courses?

    Tampa's mild weather and sunshine year-round has made golf a popular activity here and with that has come multiple golf courses to choose from in the area to play. Golf is a great option for exercise, and it is easy to learn. It also provides a fun outing with your friends or family or if you are looking for a little stress relief you can always hit the links solo. We have assembled a list of apartments in Tampa near golf courses below to make it easy for you to find an apartment and... Read More »

  • What’s the Best Way Get My Tampa Apartment Ready for the New Year?

    New year, new you, they say – but what's the best way to renew and refresh your apartment in Tampa for the New Year? Perhaps you've made a resolution to KonMari your abode and ditch anything that doesn't spark joy. Or you've recently gotten into yoga and would like to build a Zen Room. Perhaps you've moved into a new place for a new life adventure and just don't know where to start. Thankfully, we've got you covered with these tips and tricks for getting motivated to spruce up your... Read More »

  • Are there any fun yet safe outdoor bars near my Tampa apartment?

    We're extremely lucky to live in such a lush, gorgeous landscape of bright green foliage and romantic blue waters. It's also one of the most affordable areas in the whole country, not to mention the most beautiful. These are weird times, but happily, there are plenty of safe outdoor establishments near your home where you can relax with a nice cold beverage. Here are some of the most entertaining outdoor hideaways near your Tampa apartment where you can chill – socially distanced,... Read More »

  • What is the job market like in Tampa?

    Aside from COVID-19 plaguing the current job market with insecurity, Tampa generally offers a diverse job market. As much as Tampa is a walking commercial for retirement, the city also represents transformation and growth as it provides the highest number of jobs in Florida. According to, Hillsborough County is the #4 county in the U.S. for employment growth. With no state-income tax holding you back, walking distance beach access, and a healthy job market, Tampa is the... Read More »

  • Are there any apartments geared towards senior citizens?

    Looking for an apartment that's suitable for seniors but not necessarily a nursing home? Well there are many apartments in Tampa to suit your needs. Focus on places that are handicap accessible for those with walkers and wheelchairs as well as places near BayCare Health System for those frequent doctors visit and check ups. Health and safety come first! A great place to start is by filtering to search for senior apartments on Rent Tampa Bay. These apartments geared toward seniors offer... Read More »

  • What differences should I note about living in Downtown Tampa versus Historic Tampa?

    Tampa, Florida is a much larger city than people would think. There is Tampa and there is Tampa Bay. You first need to figure out if you want to live within the city or around the outskirts in a more suburban setting. Apartments in Tampa vary by location in terms of square feet, amenities, and cost. You can choose between new, luxury high-rises in Downtown Tampa/Channelside or opt for more quaint, old-school vibes in the historic district of Ybor City and Hyde Park. Checkout some pictures of... Read More »

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