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    33605 Apartments


    Find 33605 Apartments in Tampa, FL

    Apartments in 33605 have an edge and flare that differentiates them from other parts of Tampa. 33602 apartments are located in the heart of Ybor, a historic community in Tampa that was previously and exclusively an industrial cigar producing area. Now the 33605 area is home of young professional in the scene. The streets are lined with seamy yet interesting bars, unique dining experiences, and amazing music venues. Check out our 33605 apartments!

    33605 Apartments: Lease Types

    33605 apartments have every variety of leasing option. Apartments in this area cater to the young professional. Leasing options vary from 6, 9, or 12 month leases! So, whatever you intended length of stay is the apartments in 33605 welcome you. Corporate housing is also offered by several apartments. Corporate housing or extended stay apartments come with fully furnished and fully equipped with everything one would need. You don’t even have to bring linens! This type of lease is ideal for someone who is on a temporary job assignment.

    Let’s not forget about man’s best friend. You family pet is welcome in many of the 33605 apartments. Not only that, but there is one of Tampa’s best bark parks within walking distance. You’ll find tons of outdoor restaurants and bars that let your furry little friend accompany you on your outings. Living in this downtown hot spot is sure to have you pet wagging their tail all the way home!

    33605 Apartments: Features and Amenities

    33605 apartments have been renovated to keep up with the times, but still have their old world charm. It’s true that many people like the look of exposed brick walls. This interior design became popular in late 1900s because many people found that it was inexpensive to leave the exposed brick in older homes. They add character and rustic charm to any interior and can make any room looks quite industrial. Especially popular they are in modern lofts and in historical buildings, like apartments in 33605.

    When living in a 33605 apartment, a yard is not always in the deck of cards. But, what are often available are elaborate garden courtyards. These courtyards are perfect for entertaining or gathering with your neighbors as they are generally accompanied by a grill and yard cozy furnishings or picnic areas. Treat yourself and your guests!

    More about 33605 Apartments

    Known as Tampa’s Latin Quarter since the 1880’s, Ybor City is an eclectic melting pot of sights, smells, and sounds. Take a stroll down 7th ave and Cuban coffee will be infiltrating your nostrils. Places like Blues Ship makes sure that local blues and jazz artists are here to stay. The infamous Columbian Restaurant is home of the finest, authentic food available. The atmosphere is exotic and luxurious. Even if you don’t smoke cigars, you can’t help but peer into the windows of the cigar shops, where people are hand rolling cigars. If you want something a little off the beaten path, and 33605 apartments is right up your alley.

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