Apartments with Washers & Dryers in Tampa, FL

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Apartments with Washers & Dryers in Tampa, FL

Washers & Dryers

Find Tampa Apartments with Washers and Dryers

Are you used to the comfort of having a washer and dryer at home? You can stay used to it, since apartments in Tampa are available with just that option as long as you know how to find them and what questions to ask. Washers and dryers don’t come in every apartment; a lot of complexes have laundry rooms with coin-operated machines (don’t assume a complex has in-house machines or you might end up disappointed at move-in). You’ll want to make sure you look for them under the list of apartment amenities on the housing development’s website, or ask when you take a tour of the facilities.

Why should I look for apartments with Washers and Dryers?

Washers and dryers, if you’ve ever lived in a college dormitory, are a wonderful addition to any living experience. Gone would be the days of trudging to the communal laundry room with the weight of detergent and fabric softener and a basket of clothing. And if you’re paranoid, gone would be the days of sitting around for an two hours for your wash to finish, then for your dryer cycle to finish—twice (because we all know laundry room dryers don’t dry your clothes properly on round 1). Washers and dryers are all about convenience. You won’t have to wait for a stranger to come get their clothes; in fact, you’ll be able to leave your own clothes in the machine because they’ll be in the safety of your home. You won’t have to go to a Laundromat. You won’t have to get out of your pajamas. And best of all? You won’t have to covet quarters like they’re gold.

The only problem with finding apartments with washers and dryers in Tampa is that you’ll have to look for them. Sometimes you’ll have to choose between a neighborhood pool or having in-apartment machines. It’s really up to you what is most important. If you don’t mind the coin-slot machines and the walk to the laundry room, then you might not care about the washer and dryer situation. If you like the community atmosphere, an apartment without a washer and dryer might be a better opportunity for you to socialize with your neighbors. It’s all about what you’re willing to give and what you want to get out of your apartment experience that’ll help make your decision, but just know that apartments in Tampa with washers and dryers are available.

What if I want a washer and dryer, but my apartment doesn’t have one?

You can actually rent washers and dryers, but make sure your property manager will OK it. Some housing developments may not allow this, or your unit is not set up for the installation of such a fixture. If you still want a small washer/dryer unit, and your lease doesn’t have any provisions against owning a washer, there are ways to hook it up to your kitchen sink. These portable washer and dryer units (often a combo) can plug in to any electrical outlet. But again, check your lease!

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