Apartments with Emergency Maintenance

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Apartments with Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

Find Apartments with Emergency Maintenance in Tampa, FL

Many apartments in Tampa offer emergency after hours maintenance as one of their many amenities. When something breaks in your apartment emergency maintenance staff can be a lifesaver. This can include routine and emergency maintenance, pest control, project management, HVAC repairs, grounds maintenance, and recycling/waste management. The maintenance team usually includes an interdisciplinary team of electricians, carpenters, painters, HVAC technicians, locksmiths, and plumbers. Many apartments in Tampa provide residents with emergency maintenance services. It is important to know ahead of time if your apartment community in Tampa offers this, so you can be well prepared and have a plan if an emergency does occur.

Apartments with Emergency Maintenance in Tampa: When can you call?

When do you call emergency maintenance? All apartments in Tampa with emergency maintenance have their own set of specific policies and guidelines for utilizing this service. Make sure you identify what those are before you sign a lease. HVAC issues can include no heat or air conditioning in your apartment. However, some apartments with emergency maintenance in Tampa put guidelines for response that are dependent upon the weather. For instance, the temperature may have to be below 55 degrees or above 80 degrees for emergency maintenance to respond immediately. Electrical issues such as no electricity to major appliances such as refrigerator or stove may illicit a visit. A clogged sewer line: if there is no other usable bathroom in the property or burst water supply lines are generally considered emergency worthy. However, this list is not a comprehensive for every apartment community. Some emergency maintenance services will come to let you in if you’ve locked yourself out of the apartment and fix minor repairs in your home. Things that might fall under non-emergency would be routine maintenance tasks such as a light bulb change or a misfiring alarm system. Response to non-emergency cases varies by property, but usually occurs within three business days. Additionally, some apartments with emergency maintenance in Tampa have specified working hours, so in some instances you may have to wait until their working hours. Your Tampa property management team will provide you with a lease agreement that has a well-defined list of what constitutes a maintenance emergency, non-emergency, and response times for each.

Apartments with Emergency Maintenance in Tampa: Tips for Avoiding Maintenance

Some things will be out of your control in regards to needing emergency services, but there are some things you can do to avoid hiccups. There are some maintenance concerns that can be easily avoided in your apartments with emergency maintenance in Tampa . Avoid overloading the circuits with too many appliances or adapters. Do not remove your screens for windows and doors. Try not to crank the AC up and down constantly to avoid AC malfunctioning. Change your air filters once every couple of months. If, you have pets, you may need to change once a month. Preventatives are key!

Apartments with Emergency Maintenance in Tampa: Is There a Fee For Emergency Maintenance?

Usually apartments with emergency maintenance in Tampa offer services at no cost to their residents. This is considered a perk/advantage. However there are some instances where you could be charged a small fee. Check with your property management team to avoid erroneous charges.

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