I love antique and collectibles. What are some good shops to visit near Clearwater apartments?

Do you enjoy antique shopping excursions on the weekends? Relocating to Clearwater apartments will give you several great opportunities to explore different antique and collectible shops just a few miles away from home. Whether you're interested in beautiful furniture, unique knick knacks, and/or fun décor for your new place, you'll be sure to come across some fantastic finds in one of these antique shopping destinations. Antique and collectible stores can also be a good way to save money while still living in style and enjoying quality items. If you spend some time browsing through the stores, you can always find furniture and décor that looks brand new and would make an excellent addition to Clearwater apartments. Keep reading to discover some antique and collectible shops in this area.

Alley Antiques in Bellair Bluffs includes 14 dealers in one address. While it is impossible to describe all the great potential finds in this shop, item categories include Civil War items, letters, weapons, nautical knick knacks, and antique medicinal bottles and tools. You will definitely spend some time browsing through this shop layered from floor to ceiling with a wealth of exciting items for sale. If you enjoy collecting ceramic dishes or teacups, this store has quite a few sections allotted to antique dishware. When the holidays roll around, you can visit one of these stores for all your Clearwater apartments décor needs, including fun depictions of Santa, Halloween figures, and much more.

If you love collecting old and rare books, check out Blue Moon Books & Antiques on Cleveland Street. This bookstore specializes in collectible books on art, history, American, and more. Since this store is so close to Clearwater apartments, you may want to consider stocking up on some bookshelves to house all your new books! Books can be a wonderful way to add to the atmosphere of your new place. Blue Moon also carries antiques, music, vintage prints, and special maps. This shop is bursting with books and items, so make sure to take some time to look through everything if you want to spot some hidden treasures. Most of these shops are constantly receiving new items and would be worth visiting regularly for additional finds.

While these two shops are very close to Clearwater apartments, you should also visit some of the other nearby stores in the area. Good options include the 49ers Flea Market, Antiques & Rug Center Inc, Silver Fox Antiques, and any of the numerous thrift stores scattered throughout. You may come across some special antiques and collectibles at stores like the Salvation Army Thrift Store and Goodwill. Shopping at antique and thrift stores can be a good strategy for furnishing your new apartment. To view some of the luxury, affordable apartments in Clearwater, you can use our website to search for a place to has all your favorite features and amenities. You can even use the contact form section to schedule an in-person visit today!

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