What are some things to consider when looking at apartments in Clearwater?

When you're apartment hunting there are quite a few things you should take into account before choosing from different Clearwater apartments. Without taking these factors into consideration you may end up unhappy and living in apartment you don't like or paying some hefty fees to break your lease because you're so unhappy in your choice of Clearwater apartments.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing from apartments in Clearwater is making sure you know what types of leases they offer. If you're looking for a specific lease type you can use our apartment finder to assist you in finding multiple Clearwater apartments that offer your particular lease type. If you're not sure what type of lease you want then make sure you familiarize yourself with the different lease types available in the Clearwater area so you don't get stuck signing a lease you're not happy with and in the end having to break it.

Another important thing to consider when looking for a Clearwater apartment is property environment. The environment your Clearwater apartment houses can greatly impact your happiness when living there. Some important things to ask your landlord before signing anything include asking what the noise level is like, is it a family-oriented apartment complex, how many college students are living there, how many professionals are living there, ask if they offer any quiet hours, and what the usual activity level of the residents is. No matter what lifestyle you're looking to surround yourself in if you ask the right questions you should be able to get a distinct idea of what environment that Clearwater apartment offers.

Apartment condition is a huge factor to consider before signing any agreements. Many Clearwater apartments will allow you to tour a model apartment and not the actual apartment you'll be living in. Try your best to get them to allow you to see the apartment you'd be renting and make sure you take note of any damages you see. If they can't allow you to see your Clearwater apartment directly then be sure to ask plenty of questions about the condition and what they plan to do if there are any damages to the unit.

Always ask about additional costs, especially if you have a tight budget. Find out exactly what utilities you must pay for out of pocket. Some places will require you to pay for electricity, water, trash removal, and sometimes more. Some Clearwater apartments only make you pay for water. Since this varies so much be sure to clarify with the landlord exactly what additional fees to your rent you'll be responsible for. Sometimes apartments will charge an additional fee to use the amenities such as the swimming pool and fitness center. Make sure you know of all additional cost ahead of time.

Renting a new apartment can be scary! It doesn't have to be though if you come in prepared. Make a list of questions you have for the landlord so you don't forget anything and don't be afraid to ask any of your questions, especially if it will make your living experience easier.

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