In all this wintry weather, living next to the beach is sounding better and better. What are your recommendations?

I know that there are a lot of people who are wishing that they lived in Florida right now! If you would like to experience a mild winter, here are some tips to finding a great Clearwater apartment.

I think the biggest difference that I have heard people from the North comment about after moving here is the humidity. Yes – there is a lot of humidity. However, you get used to it. In the summer, we have showers almost every afternoon. And our winters are happily snow and ice-free.

As for the beach – living next to the beach gives you beautiful scenery and great background noise. You know how people buy those noise machines? A common setting on there is the sound of the waves at the beach. This is one of my favorite sounds – a great way to fall asleep.

As amazing as living next to the beach is, it comes at a price – a rather hefty one, usually. Beach apartments in Clearwater are going to cost more than other places, because everyone wants them – not just you! That said, you'll have to evaluate what you want. Do you want to wake up to the ocean every day, and be able to run outside and into the water? Or, are you more interested in being able to go to the beach whenever the mood strikes you?

If the second option is more of what you are looking for, there are lots of Clearwater apartments that are within walking distance to the beach. The beach is enjoyable almost every day of the year. I wouldn't get in the water every day, but there are a lot of things to do at the beach. After living in the north, you will definitely enjoy being able to be outside for most of the year, rather than being stuck inside with all the snow all winter.

Florida is a very diverse state, and you are sure to meet all sorts of different people. Many people here have moved from the North. If it is at all possible, I would advise you to visit Clearwater before you move. While it is possible to find a Clearwater apartment to live in without ever visiting in person, visiting will really give you a feel for the town and help you be sure that moving here is the right choice. (If you happen to come during Spring Break – don't expect the town to ever be that crowded at any other point though.)

There are many tools on our website that will be helpful as you begin to look at possible new homes. I hope you will take advantage of our customizable search tool to help you find Clearwater apartments that fit your needs – whatever they may be.

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