What kind of leases do Clearwater apartments offer?

Clearwater apartments offer an abundance of different lease types available to their residents. Whether you’re looking for something long term or just need a temporary home you’re sure to find something that suits your needs in Clearwater. Just keep in mind before you sign anything that a lease is a binding agreement. Meaning that should you break said lease there will be some costs to pay. Either you will just have to end up paying your monthly rent until your lease is up even if you’re not living there, or get stuck with some hefty penalty fees for breaking said lease. Neither of those options is very fun and they should probably be avoided at all costs so make sure you’re familiar with the different lease types and know exactly what you want before you sign anything binding.

One of the most popular leases amongst Clearwater apartments is the fixed term lease. Should you sign a fixed term lease you would be agreeing to remain tenancy in your apartment for a specified amount of time that usually ranges from 1 to 2 years. During your tenancy you’ll be required to pay a predetermined amount of rent each month. This amount will not fluctuate during your lease period so it can make it quite a bit easier to budget each month. Fixed term leases are best for those who are confident in their decision of Clearwater apartments and plan to stay put for quite a while.

If you’re not looking for something quite as permanent sounding as a fixed term lease you may want to consider a periodic lease. With a periodic lease you don’t have to agree to remain tenancy in your apartment for any set amount of time. In fact you usually only have to give 15 to 30 days of notice before moving out and carrying along with your life. The only downfall is your rent can fluctuate month to month as your landlord sees fit. This can make it harder to budget each month so make sure you keep that in mind. However, periodic leases are perfect for those just passing through or those who can’t make up their mind on their living situation quite yet.

All inclusive leases can also be found throughout Clearwater apartments though they aren’t quite as prevalent as other lease types. An all inclusive lease is almost identical to a fixed term lease except for that fact that with your monthly rent, you get quite a bit more than just a roof over your head. In an all inclusive lease there are usually multiple services provided to you that are covered by your rent each month. Some of these services include cable TV, internet access, electricity, water, and trash removal. Individual leases are great for people looking for no-nonsense ways of budgeting.

Clearwater apartments offer a plethora of different leasing options making it easy for even the pickiest apartment hunters to find something that suits their needs.

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