Are there any shops for comics and collectibles near St. Pete apartments?

Whether you enjoy reading comics, collecting figures, playing board and card games, or just having a place to be around others with similar interests, you'll be pleased with all the comics and collectibles destinations near St. Pete apartments. The shops in this area cater to a variety of hobbies and interests, ranging from anime and manga to superheroes and popular movies. Residents will have a place to shop for all their favorite geeky items and have the opportunity to sit down and play a variety of games with other locals. Most stores in this area host regular events throughout the week for specific games or even general board and card game nights. These events can be a great way to meet others if you're new St. Pete apartments!

One of the top destinations for comics and collectibles near St. Pete apartments is Emerald City Comics and Collectibles, currently located on 113th Ave N. In this shop, you'll have access to thousands of back issues and new comics, figures and toys from a range of genres, card game accessories, and a variety of board games. With so many items in stock and a spacious facility, you'll be able to spend some time browsing through the packed walls and shelves inside Emerald City. Head over to their website to view their schedule of weekly events, but they generally hold game nights for popular games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. There is usually an open gaming night at least once a week. Don't forget to check for special deals and weekly sales to get the best out of your shopping experience. On your way out, you can pick up flyers for other relevant events close to apartments near St. Pete.

Residents who are fans of Japanese culture, anime, and manga will definitely want to head to Anime Fix near St. Pete apartments, located on Central Avenue. This shop stocks items like art books, dolls, special figures, DVDs and movies, gaming supplies, household items, and model kits. You can grab a few wall scrolls or art prints to hang up in your new place. They even have Japanese food and drinks for you to enjoy while you browse their stock. If you plan on attending some conventions in the area, you can also grab a few costume items for sale at Anime Fix. If you aren't a fan but know a friend or family member who would enjoy the items, Anime Fix is the perfect destination for your next birthday or holiday gift shopping! Right next door to Anime Fix is another great comics and collectibles shop called Serenity Games, so you can check out both shops in one visit.

Other popular shops near St. Pete apartments include Wilson's Book World, featuring a stock of rare books and memorabilia. They advertise a stock of over 250,000 hard covers, paperbacks, comics, manuscripts, and ephemera. To get started on your moving plans today, use the search function on our website to find quality, affordable apartments in the St. Pete area!

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