How can I find an apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa near a dog park?

We here at in St Petersburg want to help you and your furry friend find the best home for you. St Petersburg or Tampa is a great place to live! St Petersburg offers residents a gorgeous coastline with great culture that is perfect for people of all ages, from college students, to families, to the elderly. Residents of this area find that there is never a time with nothing to do. So it won't be too hard to find a perfect apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa near a dog park. Pets are becoming a more common responsibility that rental communities need to accommodate so we've found more and more pet-friendly communities and even communities that feature pet-friendly amenities just for you! Who could blame them? They know you aren't going to leave man's best friend behind. Here's how to get started on your search for your new home.

To find your dog-friendly apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa you can use our easy apartment search guide on in St Petersburg. By using our awesome search tool, we can help to reduce the options of apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa by selecting communities and units that are dog-friendly and are near a dog park. Go ahead and you'll head to the in St Petersburg homepage and click on "Find Your Apartment". Once you do, you'll see all the different criteria listed on the side of the page. Go to the section that says "Pet Policy" and you'll see the types of pets listed. Just click on the box next to "Dogs". Once you've done that, in St Petersburg will provide you with all of the dog-friendly apartments in St Petersburg or Tampa. You should then go down to where it says "Community Features". Once there, you'll see the list of different amenities that are usually offered. Now, go ahead and find where it says "Dog Walk". This is an area on the community property where residents can bring their dogs for some fresh air and socialization with other dogs. If this is something you'd be interested in, which I think you may, you woud click the dot under "Yes" and in St Petersburg will automatically reduce the options even more to include dog-friendly units as well as units where a dog walk is on the property for residents to use.

One other option you may want to consider is using the "Distance from a Location" section. Once you click there, you'll see that you can input an address as well as specify a range of miles. Go ahead and search and find a dog park or a park that is dog-friendly nearby like Kenwood Dog Park or Lake Vista Dog Park. Go ahead and type the address into the box. Once you do, then choose the amount of miles you'd like your new apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa to be away from your specified park. Once you make your selection, in St Petersburg will now provide you with the limited options of the apartments in St Petersburg or Tampa that are dog-friendly and are the specified mileage from the park of your choice. Using this easy apartment search guide you can also search for other criteria that you desire in your apartment in St Petersburg or Tampa like: rental rates, number of bedrooms, or other amenities that you need or want in your home.

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