I’m new to Tampa and always in the mood for a midnight munch. What late-night snack spots are near my Tampa apartment?

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Bell Channelside is an apartment community that is a quick 5-minute drive from the famous Gaspar's Grotto.

As someone who considers themselves a night owl, I can attest to the fact that midnight cravings are usually pretty irresistible. Sometimes you can't help but want an authentic Cuban sandwich, and what better place to look for one than Tampa, the birthplace of the Cuban sandwich. However, distance can dissuade those desires as it can be hard to find late-night bites near apartments in Tampa. Finding an apartment that is close to your go-to craving spots can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a place to live. 

5 Must-Visit Late-Night Snack Spots Near Your Tampa Apartment 

La Teresita  

Located in Ybor City, La Teresita is a family-owned Cuban restaurant that specializes in night time cravings, offering everything from a Cuban sandwich to a full meal of yellow rice and chicken.  If you tend to have a sweet tooth, you can also indulge in a creamy tres leches and not feel an inch of guilt. La Teresita is open 24 hours a day Thursday through Saturday and is a must for any Tampa resident. 

Gaspar's Grotto 

Gaspar's Grotto is uniquely themed with pirate decor lining the walls and delicious, eye-catching cuisine. This restaurant serves all the right after-hour bites you can think of, ranging from mouth-watering mojo nachos to the Grotto's famous fish tacos. You can bet that Gaspar's will become a midnight favorite, as this restaurant is open until 3 am every day of the week. Located in the historic Ybor district, Gaspar's Grotto can be found at a close distance to many Tampa apartment communities. 

Taco Bus  

If bars and restaurants aren't your thing, then the Taco Bus is the perfect midnight snack spot. The Taco Bus is open until 4 am Thursdays through Saturdays.  With a distinct yellow school bus appearance, the Taco Bus can easily be spotted. The Bus combines the simplicity of street tacos and the originality of the city of Tampa. Word on the street is that the Taco Bus offers some challenging late-night meals such as a 2-pound burrito – perfect for those with a hearty appetite. If you're feeling on the lighter side, you can always opt for one of their signature tacos. With 2 Taco Bus locations, you can easily find delicious tacos just minutes from your Tampa apartment. 

New York, New York Pizza 

When it comes to late night eating, you can never go wrong with a cheesy slice of pizza. New York, New York Pizza offers just that and more. It has a variety of comfort food options that range from classic New York-style pizza to a tasty burger. This pizza joint is open until 3 am  Thursdays through Saturdays. Located in the center of Ybor City, New York, New York Pizza will always be there to satisfy your after-hour desires. Centrally located, you'll find that a wealth of apartment communities surrounds this delicious eatery. 

The Hall on Franklin

Located near Downtown Tampa, The Hall on Franklin is considered a jack of all trades. Here, every single craving you've ever had unite in one place. It is mostly known for its wide range of cuisines, that include everything from Asian fusion to grilled cheese. Open until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the Hall on Franklin is a night owl's food fantasy come alive. This eatery is an excellent place to go when you have a group of friends because there are more than enough options to go around, and after indulging in late night wants you can swiftly head back to your nearby apartment to continue the fun.  

Tampa's food reputation is always fantastic as its restaurants combine the history and flavor of the city into one. If you'd like to have a more in-depth investigation into what late-night bites Tampa has to offer, consider looking at this article by Tampa Magazines that offers 20 different spots to check out and be sure to visit Florida's top 5 restaurants that open late. Remember to keep an eye open to other yummy options near your Tampa apartment; it may just be your next craving.

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