What kind of leases do St. Pete apartments offer?

St. Pete apartments offer a wide array of different leasing options available to you. Since there are so many options it is of the utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with different lease types available in the area before you make any solid decisions. Getting stuck in a lease that you don't like can not only make your living experience tougher than necessary it can also end up costing you some hefty penalty fees should you choose to break it. No one wants to be unhappy or get stuck with an onslaught of fees they never planned on paying so make sure you're fully aware of what you're getting into in your St. Pete apartment before you sign anything.

One of the most common leases throughout St. Petersburg apartments is the fixed term lease. With a fixed term lease you will agree to remain tenancy in your apartment for a set period of time that usually ranges from 1 to 2 years while paying a predetermined amount of rent each month throughout the duration of your tenancy. During this time your rent will never fluctuate and once your lease is up you're free to move on or renew it if you really come to love your apartment. However should you terminate this lease early you'll either have to pay some hefty fees or continue paying your rent monthly even if you're not living there.

St. Petersburg apartments also widely offer periodic leases. With a periodic lease you don't have to agree to remain tenancy in your home for any specified amount of time, however your monthly rental rate can fluctuate as your landlord sees fit. This means that you can move out given 15-30 days of notice without any penalty but it's harder to budget for a monthly rent when it can change so easily. Periodic leases are also known as month to month leases given their terms. These leases are usually best for those who aren't too sure in their decision of apartments or plan on leaving St. Pete in the near future.

You may also find a few individual leases scattered throughout St. Pete apartments. While an individual lease is similar to a fixed term lease as far as keeping tenancy for a certain period of time while paying a fixed monthly rental rate each month, that's where the similarities end. Individual leases are usually only found in bigger apartments meant for living with roommates. With an individual lease each month your rent goes towards your personal space such as bedroom and bathroom and your share of the common living areas. You're only in charge of paying your rent. This means that if your roommate neglects to pay their rent then nothing negative will happen to you. You're only responsible for yourself with an individual lease.

St. Petersburg apartments truly have something to offer everyone when it comes to different types of leases. You might even find a few all inclusive leases scattered throughout the area. Once you've decided on a lease type the rest of your apartment search in St. Pete will be a breeze!

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