Get to know…Bradenton

The city of Bradenton sits at the south of the Tampa Bay. As a larger neighbor of Sarasota, this cozy beach town is bordered not only by salt water (the Gulf of Mexico and the Tampa Bay), but also by fresh water (The Manatee River). This coastal region of the Bay receives frequent visitors from nearby St. Petersburg and Sarasota. This is a result of the abundance of bodies of water surrounding the city. The neighborhood is surrounded by water ,coastline, and Anna Maria Island. There are many boating and yacht clubs, clearly a result of the easy access to open water. The Downtown Business District is home to many large office buildings and businesses.

Apartment Living in Bradenton

Many of the residents are homeowners, and there are many housing developments in the city, such as the thriving area of East Bradenton termed Lakewood Ranch. The locale is home to many apartment complexes, many of which lie on the water - a great amenity for those that love the beach! Some of the apartments are retirement communities,so be aware of this distinction when apartment shopping! In an area rich with amenities, including pools, golfing, and trails for walking and biking, it won't take you long to find the perfect place to call home. Not sure where to start once you've found an apartment? Check out our resource guide to help you get started.

Bradenton Community Culture

A large part of the community revolves around boating and the waterways. West Bradenton is a popular area with renters, as it is near the coastline, Anna Maria Island, and downtown. The area near Bayshore is popular with younger professionals and students, as it is near many colleges and has easy access to Sarasota and St. Petersburg. Many people move to Bradenton as a retirement community, which is why there are several 55+ complexes in the area. However, there are many families residing in Bradenton, as evidenced by the abundance of subdivisions, homeowners, and schools. The schools range from public schools, to magnet schools, to the Bradenton-Sarasota campus of USF. There are several medical centers in the regionthat host many of the populations' jobs - Northside Hospital, All Children'sHospital, and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System.

Things To Do in Bradenton

The city has an array of things to do - there really is something for everyone! The beaches are an obvious attraction, where you can go fishing, lie on the beach,or search for shells. Anna Maria Island, just off the coat, is a large attraction in the area. While many people live on the island, it is also a magnet for boaters and residents a like. The beautiful picturesque water, white sandy beaches, and "old Florida" feel of the Island. There are also several parks in the city, the most famous of which being the South Florida Museum, home to Snooty the manatee, an aquarium, and a planetarium.

Getting Around Bradenton

Travel time is relatively low, and it doesn't seem to take long to get anywhere around in the city. The metropolis contains roads operating on a N-S and E-W grid system, so it is easy to navigate and get around. The Sunshine Skyway is a major connector between St. Petersburg and Bradenton, making it easy to cross over into Pinellas County. (This is a tollroad.) The Bradenton-Sarasota airport is convenient for residents to use to fly, as opposed to driving north to Tampa International Airport. (You may still want to check fares at TPA, as sometimes they can be cheaper at a larger airport, depending on the time of year and the flight)

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