Get to know…Brandon

Like Lutz and many of the other bedroom communities of Tampa, Brandon has enjoyed an explosion of growth in the past few decades. The town began as an agricultural area, home to endless orange groves and green pastures. Brandon apartment living provides a winning combination of small-town living with the amenities of a large city. Predominantly populated by families, Brandon retains a strong sense of community.

Brandon Apartment Living

In recent years, residents have enjoyed more options in Brandon apartment living. Now the area boasts apartments suitable for the wide variety of residents who call Brandon home. Many are located within the pristine subdivisions of Brandon, giving residents access to the desirable amenities of these well-planned neighborhoods. Brandon apartments also provide access to other community staples, such as the YMCA, local schools, and recreational facilities.

Residents of Brandon apartments will discover a community extremely dedicated to improvement and maintenance. School fundraisers and other efforts generally enjoy extremely strong support, and high-school football games are still Friday night family outings. Most public schools in the area enjoy a good reputation in the county, an excellent benefit for families who choose to settle down in a Brandon apartment.

Brandon's Community Culture

Brandon may look like a mere extension of Tampa, but the area certainly has its own personality. Churches remain a focus of many residents' daily lives, as do school events. Brandon is a relatively conservative area. Many people who live in Brandon are also on active military duty or affiliated with the Air Force Base in some way, so patriotic events such as Independence Day and Veterans' Day are always well remembered in the community.

Although Brandon was once a relatively small town, it has since grown, and now residents enjoy a full range of shopping and other amenities. Home to several elementary and middle schools, and three high schools, Brandon supports a thriving community of families from all walks of life.

Things to Do in Brandon

Tucked among Brandon's neighborhoods and shopping centers, residents find many parks and sports complexes. On the outskirts of town, several large lakes offer opportunities for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and other activities. The Alafia River runs just east of Brandon, providing a natural haven from the daily grind.

Since life in Brandon tends to focus on school and church, the community hosts countless family-oriented festivals, fairs, and other events throughout the year. One of the most notable is the annual Novemberfest, at Nativity Catholic Church. Although affiliated with a religious organization, Novemberfest has become a much anticipated event for all Brandon residents.

Getting around Brandon

Brandon is close to I-75, making it accessible to Tampa via I-4. Meanwhile Brandon's main thoroughfare, Highway 60, runs all the way into downtown Tampa, and the addition of the Crosstown Expressway makes commuting between Brandon and metropolitan Tampa much faster. Brandon apartments are ideal for those who will be working in south Tampa, and many soldiers from MacDill Air Force Base also call Brandon home.

The city bus runs throughout Brandon, and the commuter bus serves the MacDill crowd. However, Tampa and its environs remain most easily navigated by car. Residents would do well to invest in a SunPass, for paying tolls on the Crosstown, which considerably shortens the commute into the city.

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