Get to know…Clearwater

The city of Clearwater is situated right on the coast, graced by sunshine and sea breezes. Clearwater apartment living brings residents a unique blend of cosmopolitan and casual. That mix draws a diverse population, from young professionals, to families, to older adults. The result is a dynamic community that provides a little something for everyone. Clearwater apartment living delivers an unusual marriage of city life, with a splash of culture and plenty of opportunities to watch the sunset.

Clearwater's Community Culture

Since the population of Clearwater includes everyone from students to retirees, the city has developed a vibrant personality. Home to many cultural events like art shows and an annual jazz festival, Clearwater also provides multiple venues for live shows, most notably Coachman Park. Apartment living in Clearwater affords countless opportunities to experience myriad expositions of both visual and performing arts.

Nearby Clearwater Beach remains one of the most popular attractions in the city. The public beach includes multiple sand volleyball courts and a pier that bustles with activity both day and night. Apartments in Clearwater are an excellent alternative for those who want to live close to the beach, without the hefty real estate price tag. Although the beach certainly attracts its share of tourists, local residents often avail themselves of this local treasure.

Apartment Living in Clearwater

The varied atmospheres of Clearwater's many neighborhoods mean that would-be apartment dwellers can find just the right apartment to fit their unique needs. Young professionals often settle closer to the city, while families choose apartments in the more suburban neighborhoods on the outskirts of Clearwater. Retirees often gravitate toward apartments closer to the beach, where the pace of life is more relaxed.

As one of the three largest cities in the Bay area, Clearwater delivers the amenities and conveniences that city residents need and expect. Whether residents want a beachside meal from Frenchy's or more upscale dining, they'll find plenty of options in Clearwater. The city's bustling tourist industry means that the areas near the beach offer plenty of choices. Farther from the coast, Clearwater apartments remain within easy reach of the lower-key options that permanent residents desire.

Proximity to Tampa also makes Clearwater apartments an attractive option for those who work in downtown Tampa. Although Clearwater is a large city, it lacks some of the congestion of Tampa. Commuting from Clearwater to downtown Tampa is actually sometimes shorter than commuting from other parts of Tampa itself.

Getting around Clearwater

Public transit serves most areas of Clearwater proper. Executed by the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, bus service extends to the city limits and connects to trolley service along the beach. It's also possible to reach both St. Petersburg and Tampa via public transit, although some travelers may find this more cumbersome.

Most Clearwater residents, however, travel and commute by car. Highway 60 runs directly into Clearwater from Tampa, making for relatively quick trips between the cities. Meanwhile, US-19 connects Clearwater to St. Petersburg (to the south) and Palm Harbor (to the north).

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