Get to know…Sarasota

Located just south of the Bay area on the Western coast of Florida is the picturesque city of Sarasota. This cozy beach town is also bustling with museums, culture, and historical sights. A popular commercial center, many of the residents enjoy easy access to work and play. Many families are drawn to the area for the reputable school system, and the abundance of extracurricular activities. As a large golfing center, Sarasota is also an attraction for retirees in Florida.

Apartment Living in Sarasota

Traveling down Fruitville Road, a main road running east/west through the city, prospective renters will find many rental communities located in what is considered Central Sarasota. Sarasota Springs and Bee Ridge areas are home to a few complexes, but the majority of the communities in South Sarasota are clustered in close proximity to the beach, namely nearing Siesta Key. Several communities are centered on golfing or boating. When looking for an apartment, be sure to research whether the community is a retirement neighborhood, as this may affect the path of your search. Downtown apartments are mainly high-rise buildings overlooking the Bay, while the outskirts are home to a mixture of historical rentals and new buildings.

Sarasota Community Culture

As a great example of a city that has it all, the community is rich with art and culture, and residents don't have a hard time finding entertainment. The city is home to many families and retirees, so the city as a whole is geared towards this demographic, as evidenced by the town's focus on golf!. Don't be fooled, though, as education brings many students to this beach town by the Bay. Education is an important feature of the community culture. The public school systems rated at some of the best in the State, and many teachers migrate here for that reason. Higher education is also prevalent. USF hosts its Manatee-Sarasota campus in North Sarasota, just around the corner from New College, a prestigious honors college. The residents of Sarasota are warm and inviting. Friendly faces line the quaint streets of downtown, and there is no lack of hospitality along the coastline.

Things To Do in Sarasota

Residents certainly have no shortage of activities to do in the city – nor are they hard pressed to find a variety. The beaches are an obvious attraction, with nearby Siesta Key also providing a getaway for many locals and tourists alike. However, the city is also host to a multitude of cultural attractions, including art and science museums, an aquarium, and the renowned Sarasota Ballet. The Skate Park is something unique to the neighborhood. Located in Downtown Sarasota, this park offers an escape with a different kind of sport. Golfers are also drawn to the beautiful city for its fantastic weather. There are even several communities geared towards the enjoyment of the sport! There are many bars and restaurants, especially along the coast and lining Siesta Key. There seems to be something for everyone – many of the bars cater to all ages, although you will find that there are several beach bars that host older crowds, such as Florida Beach Bar. Look no further than the Daiquiri Deck or Gilligan's for a younger crowd – these bars have live music and fun contests to keep the party going.

Getting Around Sarasota

There is only one larger interstate in the area, I-75. This connects the city to Tampa to the north, and Ft. Myers to the south. Several of the main roads help residents navigate easily, such as Fruitville (the main east/west running road), U.S. 41 (also referred to as Tamiami Trail), U.S. 301, and John Ringling Casueway. (John Ringling Causeway connects Sarasota to Bradenton.) Traffic is heavy during rush hours, but because there are a lot of back roads to take, residents can avoid congested traffic routes. Traffic can also become an issue for residents during the "busy season", while tourists flock to the beaches. This generally lasts from January until mid summer.

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