Get to know…St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's picturesque coastline and robust culture have made it a favorite of both residents and Florida visitors. The city draws people of all ages, from college students to retirees. As a center for both industry and nightlife, St. Petersburg has gained a reputation for offering a little bit of everything to residents and tourists alike.

Apartment Living in St. Petersburg

Whatever your domestic needs, there's a St. Petersburg apartment that will work for you. Downtown St. Petersburg apartments are close to the city's business center, along with a bustling nightlife. This combination appeals to professionals who work hard during the day and want to wind down in style each evening. Closer to the beach, older adults find that St. Petersburg apartments offer the pristine sunsets and sandy shores they'd envisioned as the backdrop of their golden years.

Residents of St. Petersburg apartments enjoy a casual culture, where city and beach meet in perfect harmony. With all the amenities residents expect from apartments in metropolitan areas, St. Petersburg apartments deliver excellent value.

St. Petersburg's Community Culture

While other parts of Pinellas County have gained a reputation as retirement communities, St. Petersburg has emerged as a vibrant and bustling city with a distinct atmosphere. The city's diversity comes through in its varied neighborhoods and activities. Families fit right into apartments in St. Petersburg's more established neighborhoods, while young professionals congregate closer to downtown. The beautiful beaches, however, draw people of all ages who'd like a great view one of St. Petersburg Beach's many apartments.

Things to Do in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg residents might spend their weekends at one of the city's many art galleries, or they may hit the beach to take in a sunset. The city offers a quirky collection of landmarks and attractions. From locally renowned Haslam's Book Store, to the 100-year-old Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg certainly provides a wide variety of activities.

The city is also home to Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays, so fans of that all-American game can enjoy their favorite sport—in the air conditioning. The area around Tropicana Field hosts countless sports bars and restaurants, where fans gather not only for baseball games, but also for hockey, football, and basketball games.

Getting around St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an ideal location for professionals who may make trips to Tampa or Clearwater on a regular basis. Located off I-275, St. Petersburg is on the tip of a peninsula, with Tampa Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Public transit is a viable way to get around most parts of St. Petersburg, and the bus system connects with the trolley network along the beach, and to public transit in other parts of Pinellas County.

However, driving remains the best way to get around St. Petersburg. All the main arteries of Pinellas County run to or from St. Petersburg, connecting it to Clearwater and the rest of the county, along with downtown Tampa. Many St. Petersburg residents work elsewhere in Pinellas or Hillsborough County.

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