Set Up Utilities for Apartments in the Tampa Area.

Some apartments will come with utilities ready to go, but others will have to be set up when you move in. This can be a stressful process if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to help you set up your utilities, and also Tampa utility providers to aid you in setting up your new home with everything you need to relax.

  • Pre-arrange all your utilities. Anything you can have set up in advance will smooth the stresses of moving day and get you settled quickly.
  • Ask your Leasing Office what the building is pre-wired for.Some newer places in Tampa may have Verizon FiOs as an option, whereas others may not. Be sure to check what is available before you sign up for a service.
  • Don’t forget to stop your services at your old apartment.You certainly don’t want to continue paying for somewhere you aren’t living!
  • Be cautious of setup fees and deposits.Often, these are required with a new provider, as well as a credit check. Be prepared for both of these things when setting up a new service.
  • Inquire with the provider about bundling services.This can save you time and money and give you only one bill to pay instead of multiples.

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