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Sasha Samsudean

When she's not busy whipping up a batch of her indulgent chocolate peanut butter cupcakes or catching up on the latest episode of Real Housewives, Sasha enjoys cruising around town visiting various apartment communities. She grew up in Orlando and attended the University of Florida, where she moved seven times within five years. She's had her fair share of bad roommates, noisy neighbors, and insect infestations, but is grateful for the opportunity to share these stories with other renters to make their experiences a little more pleasant.

"I'm like the cupid of apartment hunting!" 

Having worked at a few student housing complexes while in college, Sasha does not miss the myriad of resident complaints or the ungodly amount of paperwork. She did, however, miss helping people find a new home. Though working in a leasing office was not her cup of tea, she found her calling in a similar field and was still able to follow her passion.

"Meeting with leasing staffs and getting a feel for a community's culture makes it really easy for me to match renters with their perfect home, and I can do that through my reviews. I'm like the cupid of apartment hunting!"