The Main Freeways and Roads of Tampa Bay

Getting Around

The Tampa Bay area has five main highways, four east to west main roads, and two north to south main roads. Here’s a guide explaining all of the roads and where to find them in Tampa.

The Five Main Highways of Tampa Bay

  1. I-275: Runs right through the center and downtown Tampa.
  2. I-4: Comes from the east and stretches across South Tampa into St. Petersburg.
  3. Veteran’s Expressway (FL 589): This is a Toll Expressway. This highway runs north to south and stretches along West Tampa. Tampa International Airport is around this highway; so expect that area of the highway to be in constant traffic.
  4. Leroy Semon Cross Expressway (FL 618): This is another Toll Expressway. This expressway runs across South Tampa. The University of Tampa and downtown Tampa crosses this highway, so keep a look out for traffic around those areas.
  5. I-75: This north-south expressway runs across East Tampa. I-75 is connected with I-4 and I-275 and helps you leave the Tampa Bay area altogether.

The Four Main East-West Roads:

  1. Kennedy Boulevard (State Road 60): Connects with I-75 and Leroy Semon Cross Expressway. It runs along South Tampa, more north than Gandy Boulevard, and connects itself with St. Petersburg.
  2. Gandy Boulevard (US 92): Connects with Leroy Semon Cross Expressway and Gandy Bridge. It runs along South Tampa and St. Petersburg.
  3. Hillsborough Avenue (State Road 580): Connects with Veteran’s Expressway, I-275, and I-4. It runs along Central Tampa.
  4. Fowler Avenue (State Road 582): Connects with I-275. It runs along Northeast Tampa, specifically around the area of the University of South Florida.

The Two Main North-South Roads:

  1. Dale Mabry Highway (US 92): Connects with Leroy Semon Cross Expressway and I-4. It runs along West Tampa.
  2. Florida/Nebraska Avenue (US 41): Connects with Leroy Semon Cross Expressway and I-4. It runs along East Tampa.
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