Green Apartments in Tampa Bay, FL

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Green Apartments in Tampa Bay, FL

Find Green Apartments in Tampa Bay, FL

We all know what's good for the environment is good for all, but you may be asking yourself, what are the prerequisites for green Tampa apartments "green". This title can be achieved by several green efforts. Recycling is the most standard and widely used green effort. However, not all apartment communities recycle all recyclable products: paper, glass, and plastic. Inside the home, low energy lighting is a common green effort. This can also save you money on your monthly bill! So, it's good for mother earth and your wallet!

Another amenity that is considered green is a community garden. This shared garden can be used for vegetation or plants that are easily sustainable and natural to the area. This also helps establish a sense of community, because residents get the chance to mingle as they plant their seeds and to bond as they watch their vegetables grow. Native landscaping is a term that you may hear regarding green Tampa apartments. This is the use of native plants, including trees, shrubs, ground cover, and grasses which are indigenous to the geographic area. In Tampa this can be Jasmine, Succulents, Palm trees, and so much more! All of these earth conscious initiatives made by apartment communities can lead to a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. There are many green Tampa apartments, so by using our search filters you can find the home that offer your necessities like washers and dryers or patios and balconies.

Tips for Making Your Green Apartment in Tampa Greener

There are many ways you can make green Tampa apartments even greener. You can achieve this by a few simple and almost effortless choices. Try these 6 suggestions for going Green!

  1. If your apartment offers paperless billing, take that option. Enroll. This saves trees and waste, and makes your trash bag a little lighter!
  2. Instead of turning your thermostat on and off as you leave, just raise the thermostat by a few degrees when you're not at home. It takes less energy to change temperature a few degrees than to power on and off.
  3. Use energy efficient light bulbs. They last longer and also release less heat. And as the name indicates, they utilize less energy.
  4. When you're not using an appliance, unplug it. Did you know that even if the appliance is left off, it is still using energy when it is left plugged in? I tink I just heard your wallet gasp.
  5. Open the windows to shine natural light into your home. Living in the sunshine state has its perks, the sunshine being one of them. So, when it is possible, try not turning on the lights during the day time as there is natural light in abundance.
  6. Wash clothes in cold water. Many green Tampa apartments offer washers and dryers to their residents. By washing your clothes in cold water and clean out your lint filter regularly, you can help eliminate energy waste. By taking showers instead of baths, you can save hundreds of gallons of water per year. That is not to say you shouldn't splurge from time to time and enjoy a bubble bath, but be cognoscente of how often you do so.

These few tips are good for the environment and can also save you a few bucks in green Tampa apartments. To learn more about going green in your Tampa apartment check out this article in our Resource Guide: How to Save Money on your Electricity Bill!

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