Should I be worried living by the water during summer?

If you are a new resident to Florida, you may be taken back by the sunshine State's tumultuous summer thunder, dark skies, and violent lighting. Not to worry. Although Florida is the lightning capitol of the world, summer storms are usually quite brief and bark way louder than they actually bite.

The Tampa Bay area's summer weather is often describe as a subtropical humid climate. The warm airs often bring with them a number thunderstorms and wet summer seasons. However, much of the surrounding counties are equipped for these types of rains.

Many Clearwater apartments lie just inside Pinellas County, which means they are rooted on the peninsula of the bay between Tampa and the Warm Gulf of Mexico waters. Although this location may arbor worry in those who live just off of the water, it rarely experiences serious threat from summer storms.

Those who live in Clearwater apartments do regularly see the worst of the Bay storms. As a result of being so close to the water, tornadic waterspouts are commonly seen by residents in this area first. However, these spouts have not usually made landfall. Again, lots of apartments near Clearwater are built with storm shutters, sand bags and able to sustain hurricane winds. In the event that living by the water becomes unsafe, residents can easily retreat to downtown, South Tampa, or other neighboring communities, but these evacuations are uncommon for your average summer storm.

If you live in a high-rise community your experience with lightning may not be a symbiotic one. Although lightning in this specific area can be arduous to those living in the region, most live in these buildings without any difficulties. However, if you are worried as a result of these storms, speak to your landlord or apartment community staff regarding your concerns. You may have the option to switch units or even learn about their protection assurances on the property.

If you are searching for a dwelling near the coast but are feeling deterred from the storms, always ask about the condition of your future home. Some units are built with storm protections while other quaint homes may not be. Express your concerns with the potential storm results. If you are living on a bridge or have to take the causeway or Howard Franklin route every day, you may prefer to live elsewhere or on lower grounds.

The Bay areas summer storms are normally quiet mild when it comes to heavy rains. However, these storms roll in frequently and have a habit of bringing a suitcase of heavy thunder and lightning with them. Although there are many safe areas in Clearwater to live, check with your neighbors and staff in order to ensure that you new home will be a safe place to live when experiencing these tropical rains.

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