Should I rent in South Tampa or Hyde Park?

Tampa apartments in both South Tampa and Hyde Park are highly sought after. Whether it be for the convenience, entertainment, or Old Florida flair, both neighborhoods are distinct in style and offer plenty of perk for its Tampa residents.

South Tampa and Hyde Park are closely related to one another. Apart from the close proximity, some often confuse the two with each other. Not surprisingly, the two neighborhoods share many of the same features. However, learning more about their locations and uniqueness may help you to distinguish the communities from one another.

Hyde Park Village runs adjacent to downtown Tampa, allowing you easy access into the business district. Here, you will quickly notice the picturesque historic town to be quiet, inviting and humble. Filled with Spanish style buildings, a town fountain, million dollar mansions, and old beaten paths, Hyde Park creates a family-friendly environment that often attracts college graduates and young business professionals. This neighborhood is surrounded by boutiques such an Anthropology and Pottery Barn. There are also several restaurants, parks and water surrounding the town.

Hyde Park is much more quite than South Tampa. Parking is readily available and Tampa apartments in this neighborhood vary from brand new buildings to historic retreats.

South Tampa, known as SoHo, is Tampa's party neighborhood. Many singles and college students take up residence in this district. If you are searching for apartments surrounded by nightlife, this is the best place to be. Not too far from the beach, these Hillsborough County units can cost you a little as $800 per month for a one bedroom bungalow. Unlike Hyde Park, the majority of these dwellings do tend to be older and smaller. However, apartments near Tampa in SoHo are surrounded by convenience such as restaurants, major roadways and grocery stores.

The major differences in these two close-knit communities is the amount of nightlife. Although Hyde Park experiences crowds of foodies, SoHo brings out the party animals.

Both of these neighborhoods are just a few minutes drive to the airport, malls, and Pinellas County Beaches such as Clearwater Beach and St. Pete. However, homes in these regions do tend to be pricier. Again, you will find that both regions of the Bay area are closely similar to one another. Therefore, it may come down to available rentals and price.

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