Should I rent an apartment or a condo?

Apartments and condos are very similar in many respects. The main difference between a Clearwater apartment and a condo is that an apartment complex will be owned by one individual or business, but condos are owned by different people. You can own your own condo, but many people own condos and rent them out.

Because Clearwater is such a desirable area to live in, there are many apartments and condos in the area as they allow more people to live in less space than every family having their own stand-alone house. As long as having your own large, fenced-in yard isn’t important to you, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Usually, condos offer ‘amenities’ similar to apartments, though usually not so extensive. Condo owners often have to pay certain fees to be a part of the condominium homeowner’s association. If you are renting, you may have this fee tacked onto your rent price, but it is really no different than what is included in a normal rent.

If you are interested in staying somewhere for a long time, you may want to think about living in a condo. Even if your unit does not end up for sale, a nearby unit may be for sale and if you like your community, you don’t have to move far. If you do buy a condo, be prepared to abide by the rules of the organization, which may restrict things such as outside appearances of your home.

A condo may also be for you if you want to have a more personal relationship with your landlord. It is more likely that a condo owner will own only a few units, rather than several hundred. Of course, there will be exceptions on both sides of this generalization. Renting a condo, you will be responsible to follow both the rules of the housing association as well as any additional rules set by your landlord. Repairs are also handled differently in condos – the individual landlords are responsible for repairs within the unit, but the collective housing association is responsible for common areas. Additionally, if the landlord fails to pay the housing association dues, the tenant can suffer. If the landlord is forced into foreclosure, you, the tenant, will have to find a new place to live, quickly – unless your unit is bought out immediately by someone willing to continue renting to you.

Clearwater apartments are more likely to have more amenities, which may be important if you have your heart set on a pool or gym or basketball court within your community. Ultimately, Clearwater apartments and condos are very similar. What you decide to rent may depend on price, location, and perhaps landlord or management style. Clearwater apartments will be easier to tour as you are searching, and if you are interested in what a large complex will have to offer you, an apartment may be your best bet.

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