I am looking for a place to live near shopping malls and within 25 minutes to the water—where should I look?

Like a good pair of jeans, a suitable home is often hard to fine. Not only do you want to find convenience in your new dwelling, its got to perfectly fit your preferences and endure the likes of your comfort for at least the next year. To that end, many often have a tough time with beginning their search for the best-new apartment.

With regrets to the Tampa Bay Area, the surrounding cities in the Bay are limited with shopping malls. Unfortunately, this dilemma limits your search immensely. However, much like a catch 22, narrowing down your location options can afford you the ability to spend much less time on research.

With wanting to be within reaching distance of the water and malls, you may find that you are stuck in a betwixt that makes apartment searching a complete headache. Although you may have to slightly sacrifice one want for another, a perfect place to begin your search is in Clearwater.

Clearwater is home to some of the state's best beaches. In addition to that, the area is dipped in a harmonious blend of entertainment and laid back affairs. Clearwater apartments are relatively affordable but may be a bit more expensive than one could expect. Many communities in this area also tend to be a bit older and smaller. However, Clearwater apartments are most obviously right next to the beaches and can be a 30-minute drive or so to Tampa's arguable best mall, International Plaza.

If you are hoping for a less pricey pad with newer digs, you may consider searching for apartments near Clearwater in Rocky Point. Just off the causeway, there are brand new communities with affordable views of the water. Although these properties are just two minutes from the mall, the waters here are less beachy and more along the lines of dip your toe in and watch the waves. The shores around Rocky point are not the same ones you venture to on your vacations. However, Clearwater beach is less than a twenty-minute drive from the Rocky Point area.

The culture of both these areas are relatively similar in style. Both Clearwater and Rocky Point are subtly quiet, laid back, and surrounded by larger hotels and restaurants. In Clearwater, you may experience more rush hour and tourist traffic, where in Rocky Point, you may just overcome rush hour through strategic back roads.

If you are looking for employment near Clearwater apartments, know that this city does thrive on entrepreneurial spirit. There are plenty of mom and pop diners and unique boutiques. However, the city is not a vibrant power-house of business employment. Clearwater, as most cities throughout the nation, stands to reiterate the obvious; that bleak opportunities it still stuck with the survival of the fittest.

In sum, there is a slight window where beach meets shopping malls in the heart of Rocky point just outside of the touristy beach town. However, the Gulf waters there are not exactly the swimming kind. Although, it is still a short drive to the beach lands.

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