I keep hearing about Pier 60 in Clearwater. What is it?

While you are living in a Clearwater apartment, you'll definitely hear a lot about Pier 60. It is one of the biggest attractions in Clearwater, and for good reason. There are many apartments in Clearwater near Pier 60, and if you enjoy visiting often, you may want to search for a home that is close to the pier.

Each day at sunset, Pier 60 becomes a festival-like atmosphere. You can find musicians, artisans, crafters, and street performers every day. Jugglers, breakdancers, balloon artists, stiltwalkers, and even more performers can be found on the pier. Not every performer comes every night, so it's definitely worthwhile to visit more than once to see everything. The crafters you'll find may have jewelry, paintings, photographs, candles, soaps, and more. Like the performers, not every crafter or artisan comes very night. Many of them have ‘regular' jobs as well. All of this occurs while you enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the water.

On Friday and Saturday nights, a movie is shown at about 7:15. If you are interested in finding out about the movies ahead of time, check out their Facebook page. They announce the week's movies, as well as any live music that will be happening each week. This is a great option for you to spend you weekend while you live in a Clearwater apartment – and it's free!

Currently, Pier 60 is open from 5-9 pm every day, as long as the weather allows for it. The main part of the pier is free to go to. There is also a part of the pier that you must pay to enter, this is the best spot to take photographs of the sunset. You can also fish, for a fee, on this part of the pier. While the festival at Pier 60 lasts from 5-9, the fishing is not limited to these hours. There are a lot of lights found on the pier, which attracts fish, making it a great place for night fishing. If you enjoy fishing, an apartment in Clearwater near Pier 60 is a great option for you.

Next to the pier, you will find a free playground. During the day, sometimes there are inflatable slides and bungee jumping set up. Concessions are in this area too (so are restrooms).

After you've seen everything there is to see at Pier 60 (if you go without children, it probably won't take you the entire night), you will already be located in the heart of Clearwater. There are several great restaurants that are close enough to walk to from the pier. While you are living in a Clearwater apartment, this is definitely a great way to spend a night.

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