Do I need a car in St. Pete?

A designated “Green City,” St. Petersburg places a large emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly living. The city's commitment to green living has resulted in ample transportation options. Many St. Pete residents can be caught commuting by bus, bicycle or even their own two feet. Owning a car in St. Pete can definitely have its perks, but by no means is it a necessity.

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) serves as the public transportation bus system in St. Pete. With 34 operational routes, PSTA buses run all throughout the city and greater Tampa Bay area. St. Pete residents can access quick updates about bus times and routes through PSTA Real Time Bus Information texting program. To find St. Pete apartments near bus stops, visit our Tampa Bay Apartments page and check the “Public Transportation” tab. There, you can filter your search based on apartments located on/near PSTA stops.

St. Pete is also a great city for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. In fact, the city has been named one of the most “pedestrian and bicycle friendly” cities in the world! From recreational trails to the construction of street lanes/sidewalks, St. Pete is very accommodating to its car-less commuters. Plus, who can resist traveling outdoors in that beautiful Florida sunshine?

If you do decide to bring a car with you to St. Pete, the city has several public and residential parking programs. Parking decals can be purchased for residential areas. There are also plenty of parking garages and tolls throughout the city. St. Pete has even begun implementing a new service that allows individuals to pay for their parking through their mobile phone.

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