Are there any dog parks in Tampa?

Looking to live near dog parks in Tampa? If you are moving to the Tampa Bay area with your canine, you may have already developed socialization concerns regarding your furry best friend. However, canine owners near Tampa do not have to worry when it comes to looking for pet-friendly parks in the neighborhood.

Dog parks offer physical and mental exercise for your dog. From puppies to veterans and large to small breeds, there are several different types of dog parks in the bay area. These parks can range from beaches to lakes, wooded areas or even fenced in properties. Each playground varies in design and terrain and it is up to you determine which ones are best for you and your canine.

Depending on where you are moving to may affect which parks are best for you to visit. Luckily, there are handfuls are dog parks near Tampa apartments throughout Hillsborough county.

Citrus Park/Carrollwood/North Tampa

If you are settling down in Tampa apartments in the Citrus Park or Carrollwood communities, stop by Logan Gate Dog Park. Open from dawn to dusk, this park features five acres of play spaced fenced in by a six-foot chain link fence. What most like about this playground is that it has to separate play areas for large and small dogs. Additionally, there are water fountains throughout the park for canines and their owners as well as shelters, dog wash stations and hitching posts.


Mostly landscaped with grass, this park is conveniently next to the airport and mall. Many families are attracted to this park mainly because it has a childrens and pet playground. There are also many shaded trees, a 6 foot chain link fence, and several picnic tables, shelters and dog wash stations.

Al Lopez Park is another popular location for you and your dog to explore. This space offers separate small and dog areas as well as nature trails and off leash areas.

Davis Island

This park offers a mix of gulf waters and grassy park space. Many residents who live in Tampa apartments near downtown or South Tampa often visit this 7th avenue playground.

South Tampa

Palma Ceia dog park is another off-leash park in the heart of South Tampa. Although it is more minimalistic, the area does include drinking water and shaded trees. However, space is limited and most of the area is filled with dirt as opposed to grass.

Thing to look out for

While most dog parks do entail hygienic stations such as clean up areas, water and shelters, you should evaluate the conditions of the park. Look to see if there are holes in the fencing of the park, before letting your dog run wild. It may be helpful to take a visit to the park prior to bringing your pet. This way, you can examine the environment, check for cleanliness, and animal interaction.

Although these mentioned parks are really just a few of pet friendly parks near Tampa apartment communities, these are the most well-known and popular ones of the area.

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