Where should I look to live if I want to stay close to downtown?

Tampa apartments are dispersed throughout the Bay area. Similar to many larger cities, the city of Tampa has plenty of options when it comes to looking for a suitable living space. If you are moving to the downtown region of Tampa, however, there are a handful of neighborhoods to consider.

Tampa's downtown district is well known for its statuesque buildings, its governmental affairs, and narrowly tailored streets. Unlike many downtown areas,however, Tampa's downtown region is mainly for the purpose of conducting business. Meaning, although there is plenty of economic enterprise to go around, there is fewer living spaces within the district. Many residents in Hillsborough County have opted to living just outside of downtown Tampa. If you are hoping to stay near the business district, there are several viable options just nearby.

Davis Island is nearly connected to downtown. Just a simple and short bridge away, Davis Island is famed for its historic elements and Southern charmed appeal. Although the island has its fair share of upgraded and modern Tampa apartments, they are more secluded in the particular area. One of a kind boutiques and exotic restaurants surround the premises, giving rise to a small town feel.

South Tampa is a further drive from downtown, often taking the average commuter fifteen minutes or so to get into the business region. The majority of Tampa apartments consist of older properties. However, these communities are highly reputable and quite extravagant. This part of Hillsborough County is known for its social entertainment. If you are one who enjoys living near active night life, you may want to consider moving near the So-ho district.

In between South Tampa and Davis Island is Channelside. Just a five to ten minute drive from downtown, Channelside is filled with newer apartment buildings and condominiums. Communities in this part of town are much more modern and upscale than other parts of the Bay area. Although night life may be limited to a few bars and restaurants, South Tampa is just a short drive away. Additionally, the St. Pete Times Forum is located just across the street. Aside from the Lightning playing at this venue, many top performing artists also pay a visit at the forum.  

Although there are plenty of neighborhoods surrounding the commerce region of the Bay, these are just a few popular options to consider when searching for the perfect new home.  Depending on what types of characters you are seeking, each neighborhood offers different benefits to their residents.  Davis Island is known for its inviting community, where as South Tampa is quite advantageous for those seeking an entertaining nightlife. Although Channelside is a short drive from downtown, it provides residents with upscale and modern living communities just near entertainment.

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