I’m not quite ready to go to the gym. What workouts can I do from my Tampa apartment?

In the Tampa Bay area and all across Florida, gyms are just now reopening. Many people can't wait to get back into their workout routines, but I understand why you might not feel totally comfortable being around new people or sharing equipment when we're still not sure what the future looks like. Fortunately, you can still get your workouts in without ever leaving one of the apartments in Tampa. Here are a few workout options you can look into:

  • POPSUGAR: when I'm working out at home, I always look to see what POPSUGAR is promoting. Their website offers great content surrounding fitness at all levels, but I would highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel. You'll find that they have videos that span all sorts of workouts. You may have to move the furniture around in your Tampa apartment - Who knew that second bedroom would make such a great home gym? - but whether you're in the mood for a 10-minute butt workout or a 60-minute 600-calorie cardio burn, there's something for you to tune into. Bonus: these videos are all available for free, so you have no excuse for not tuning in.
  • obé fitness: this seems to have become the internet's workout of choice over the last month or so, and it's easy to see why. As a member you have access to 100 live and replay classes per week, which are 28 minutes each. (If you don't have 28 minutes, they also offer 10 minute Express classes!) These classes are structured into three pillars, which cover cardio, strength and stretch-based needs. They offer different recommendations based on your fitness level, and there's a great Facebook community to help keep you accountable. You could even take some of your workouts to your Tampa apartment's balcony or patio to soak in the views while you're soaking in sweat. With their free trial, it's certainly worth trying!
  • Fitbit Premium: I've been using the free Fitbit app (and accompanying device) since 2016 to help track my steps, calories and sleep quality. However, they have recently increased their focus on their Premium app, which offers personalized insights based on the stats you're tracking, as well as guidance specific to you on how you can improve. Premium also offers access to thousands of dynamic workouts, in addition to guided programs and advanced sleep tools. If you're looking for a more holistic approach to your health - and makes the most of that upgraded kitchen found in a lot of the best Tampa apartments - then this is a great option, especially with their current 90-day free trial.

While I applaud your efforts to work out while at home, it's also important to recognize that this is a difficult time for all of us. If you can't fully dedicate yourself to a new fitness routine or your workouts aren't happening as frequently right now, that's okay. While you're making an effort to be good to your body, remember to be kind to yourself too.

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