How can I brighten my Tampa Bay apartment for a new season?

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your apartment. With the seasons shifting, weather warming up and days getting longer it only feels right to change up your home as well. If you aren't a huge fan of drastic change, don't worry! Switching things up doesn't have to be extreme and expensive. Even a few subtle changes can really brighten up your living space and get you in the summertime mood. And if you're an avid participant in spring cleaning, moving around a few chairs and adding new décor won't even take up too much extra time. So let's dive in to some ways to add a little life back into your Tampa Bay apartment!

  1. Floral Décor

    There is no need to spend endless amounts of money on expensive art (or start a battle with your landlord over which shade of cream is appropriate for you to pain on your walls) when nature is blooming with art all year! Bring a piece of the outdoors in with some hanging or potted flowers. It's a great way to introduce pops of color without committing to a new piece of furniture or coat of paint. A few popular buds include hydrangea, peonies, tulips and daffodils, all of which can be found at a local nursery or just out and about! Pro-tip: not all plants are safe for pets, so if your apartment is pet-friendly, make sure your plants are too!

  2. Treat your Windows to some color

    Window treatments are another low-cost way to brighten up your apartment for the new season. Pastel sheers or soft drapes let in tons of light and open up your space. Avoid darker, heavier window treatments as much as possible as they tend to make rooms feel more dreary. 

  3. Throw down… a new rug

    Your attention might be focused on eye-level changes to your apartment, but brightening up your floors will elevate your entire space. So whether you have hardwood or carpet in your Tampa Bay apartment, a fresh area rug is a great way to add flair to your apartment. This is also the perfect way to change things up if you live in a fully furnished or studio apartment as it adds dimension without drastic furniture changes.

  4. Make a statement

    This is a great time to finally invest in a piece of furniture you've had your eye on. You can finally add a fuchsia ottoman or turquoise lounge chair to the mix without it looking out of place- or out of season. A bold and unique piece of furniture might end up acting as a center-piece to your space so do some research and make sure you love it before investing. And of course, make sure to color-match with existing furniture and décor. For more tips on adding statement pieces with strong personalities to your space, check out this blog from Apartment Therapy. Happy styling!
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