Will I be safe during Hurricane season?

If you are planning to be living in Florida or staying put in your St Pete apartment during Hurricane season, do not worry! Hurricane season in Florida runs from June to November. During this season, you will experience daily afternoon showers, mild to severe thunderstorms and small gusts of wind. This weather, seemingly sounding scary, has become a part of Florida. Many enjoy the cool rain the season brings into the summer during the hot summer days or enjoy sleeping in the relaxing thunder on a Sunday morning. No matter what your preference is towards this season, Florida will never avoid it! Most St Pete communities come prepared for the worst this season has to offer! In cases of an emergency Hurricane, the city has taken precautions to keep its residents safe and sound. This include top of the line safety construction built into your unit, to evacuation plans. No matter the case, you will feel as ease when experiencing a slight storm. Feel free to ask your property manager what they have to offer you in the even that such an emergency will take place. Some communities will have shutters on their windows, sand bags, or even offer shelters.

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