Any tips for spring cleaning my Clearwater apartment?

It's true that in Clearwater (as with most of Florida) we don't see much of a season change between the winter and spring seasons. But still, as the first day of spring approaches, it is the perfect time to refresh your apartment and do a little spring cleaning. We included some spring cleaning tips for your Clearwater apartment, particularly your apartment kitchen. Whether you live alone or with a roommate, these ten tips will help you feel refreshed and ready for spring.


  1. Time to pull everything out of the refrigerator and freezer in your Clearwater apartment to check expiration dates, empty condiment bottles, or that rotten lemon you forgot about in the very back of the fridge. Make sure your items don't stay out long or place them in a cooler while you are working. Wipe down every shelf and drawer and place everything back in and organize it as you go.
  1. The inside of the microwave seems to collect all the spills, splatters, and unpleasant smells along the way. Start inside the microwave to pull out the turntable or any other removable parts. Wash the removable parts in the dishwater or let them soak while you wipe down the inside of the microwave including the door, inside and out.
  1. Some ovens are self-cleaning (make sure to follow the manufacturer's directions) but many people can't handle the smell, especially in smaller apartments in Clearwater. You are in luck, because many other oven cleaning methods are as effective, such as this option using baking soda and white vinegar.
  1. Your kitchen cabinets and drawers may seem to collect items over time. Everyone has a junk drawer or maybe you have multiple. This is a good time to empty all your cabinets. Wipe them down inside and out, then organize as you place items back in. If you have extras of items, broken items, or items you don't have a use for anymore, it is time to get rid of them.
  1. Spring is a perfect time to organize your pantry as the temperatures warm up and we put the soup on hold for a while. Pull out everything to check for expiration dates, duplicates and reorganize to find things easier. If you have unopened items that you no longer need set those aside to donate to a local food bank. Make a list of the staple items so you can restock your Clearwater apartment on your next grocery run.
  1. You may clean your countertops daily, but it is always good to remove all the small appliances and get all the spots you may miss daily. You can wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe or the dishwater from the sink. As you place the appliances back, wipe them down in the process.
  1. We often hear stories of the hidden germs in our favorite coffee makers and before we place them back on the counter check to see if they need a deep cleaning. Cutting boards also may need to be refreshed at this time.
  1. You can let the dishwater soak as you are cleaning everything else or add another favorite cleaner to the sink. Take that old lemon, cut it into slices to put down the garbage disposal for a fresh lemon smell.
  1. Go through your plastic container stash to make sure you have matching lids and containers. Get rid of or recycle the ones you no longer need or replace all with glass containers.
  1. Finally, after everything is complete you can concentrate on the floors. Wash the kitchen mat or update it with a new one. Vacuum and mop the floors or if you have tile floors the grout may need cleaning.

We hope this list of ten tips for spring cleaning your apartment in Clearwater helps you refresh your living space.

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