Is there shopping near the St. Pete Beaches?

Are you a shopaholic? Are you looking for malls near St. Pete Apartments? When first considering St. Petersburg as a possible new living location, you may be hesitant to living near the water if you are a self-acclaimed shopaholic. It is no secret that most of the Bay areas shopping is done in the Tampa Bay neighborhoods closer to downtown and South Tampa. However, downtown St. Pete has just recently unveiled their premier waterfront shopping experience known as 400 Beach drive.

400 Beach Drive is in the heart of downtown St Pete just minutes from the water, school campuses and St. Pete apartments. This luxury retail plaza includes apparel shops, local dinning and museum galleries. This area has become a popular dinning spot for local happy hour outings, fine dinning and retail therapy. Some locally popular stores such as Fit2Run have taken up location in this area. However, many main stream stores such as Forever21, Nordstrom, and H&M remain limited to the Tampa neighborhoods.

Although Beach drive does have a limited selection of stores, there are several boutiques throughout the St. Pete area, especially downtown, surrounding St. Pete apartments.

If you are looking for more local shops in St. Pete, check out Corey Avenue. Here, you will find more one of a kind store such as Beach hair affair and Blue Sky Boutique. Of course you will also find your favorite touristy stores such as your surf shacks and bathingsuit boutiques

Yes, there are several places to shop near St. Pete apartments. However, the majority of most shopping is done at International and Westshore Plazas which are located in Tampa. This shopping trip can cost you up to a thirty or forty minute communite depending on you're location inside St. Pete. However, there are plenty of specialized stores, surf shops, galleries in more just around the corner from most apartments near St. Pete.

If you are looking to live near these larger malls, try looking for apartments near major road ways such as 1-275 or in areas that are closer to Tampa. Living near the Causeway will center you just across the street of the mall while giving you a taste of the Gulf Coast beaches. However, it is near a twenty minute drive from the heart of St. Pete.

Overall, shopping is decent in St. Pete. However, you may encounter more tourist shops as opposed to mainstream retail and department stores.


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