There are so many neighborhoods in Tampa, how do I choose one near USF?

If you are searching for Tampa apartments, one thing you may notice is how big of a city Tampa is. With that being said, there are certainly several distinct neighborhoods that are fan favorites of USF students.

If you are a first year student attending the local university, you may want to live closer to the campus area. The University of South Florida is located in a neighborhood newly considered "New Tampa." There are dozens of Tampa apartments in this area and some communities even more specific to student living.

When looking in the New Tampa neighborhood, know that prices can vary. Many USF apartments are particularly friendly to college budgets. These units even include all-inclusive living arrangements. This means monthly rent prices can include electric, water and cable. There are also many roommate selection services offered so you do not have to live alone.

If you want to live away from the college environment, New Tampa is large enough to allow you to feel as though you are far from the campus life. There are luxury one bedrooms and even town home like floor plans. New Tampa is also home to many families as well as graduates. Many of the Tampa apartments in this area are near the mall, movie theatre, many restaurants, gyms and major roadways.

Conversely, staying closer to the academic institution can help you save money. Temple Terrace is another student-friendly neighborhood near the school. Properties here are generally less pricy than those located in New Tampa. Although these buildings may not be as new, they are focused towards the student. Many communities hold monthly social events and offer free public transportation to and from school on the local Bull Runner. Many of the residents here are college students, allowing residents in the area to fully succumb to the collegiate lifestyle. There are also many restaurants and college bars in the neighborhood. Temple Terrace is about a thirty-minute drive to the beach and a fifteen-minute drive to downtown Tampa and the airport.

Across town in the South Tampa "SoHo" neighborhood. Before considering moving to this part of town, know that it is a solid twenty-five minute drive to campus. The benefits of living there, however, are that it is walking distance to the most popular entertainment district of the city. Nightlife comes by the dozen in this town and many students and new business professionals live in the area.  Living in SoHo can be expensive but it is a short drive to the beach and just a few minute commute to downtown.

There are handfuls of neighborhoods to visit when determining which neighborhood to live in when attending the local university. Many students, however, tend to live next to campus renting out units in New Tampa or Temple Terrace. These districts offer fairly affordable housing and tend to cater more to the student offering plenty of college-friendly amenities and prices.

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