What are the neighborhoods like surrounding Clearwater?

Are you searching for Clearwater apartments but are unfamiliar with the area? Like most beach town, Clearwater is a well-blended mix of old and new. Characterized in a bed of sugar white sand, most of the surrounding neighborhoods are intermixed with vibrant entertainment and laid back buildings.

If you are seeking a modernized city within a quaint beach town, Clearwater may be the city you are looking for. Although much of the city is built upon its natural environment, parts of the town invoke a metropolitan atmosphere.

Clearwater beach is just West of Tampa and despite its large wave of tourism, it is actually one of the smallest of the three well-known cities in the Tampa bay region.  There are distinct areas of the beachy region, most of the neighborhoods near the water consisting of older models. There are many newly built condos and hotels just near the pier, however, these rentals can be quite costly. There are neighbors along the shore and closer to Tampa that are more modernized than others.

If you are searching for Clearwater apartments that are more on the newer side, you may want to first consider downtown.  Downtown has recently experienced new development that has helped maintain and capture a more metropolitan feel.  This neighborhood consists of high-rise buildings, upscale bars and restaurants.  Although rent prices may be higher in this area, it is only two miles from the beach. Living just outside of this area will still allow you the flexibility to enjoy the urbanized area while having the opportunity to endure more affordable Clearwater apartments.

Many locals tend to enjoy the Causeway area of Clearwater. Although many argue whether this exact location happens to be a part of Tampa or Clearwater, the location is just minutes from the beach, airport and downtown Tampa. The neighborhoods here are well developed, quiet and newly built. Properties near the Causeway are affordable and near a good amount of entertainment.

Safety Harbor is another favorite neighborhood near Clearwater.  This neighborhood is set in a historic quaint like town but many of the living regions are brand new.  Homes in Safety Harbor are built along the coastline, many offering water views. Prices can range from moderate to expensive. Similar to Safety Harbor, this area is not far from the beach and still close to Bay area, allowing residents who live in the area to enjoy an easy commute in and out of town.

The one thing many neighborhoods in the beach city have in common is a more laid back and subdued environment. Although the neighborhood just near Clearwater beach may experience a good amount of traffic and entertainment, you will find that many of the nights tend to experience a fair amount of silence.  The city also offers a sound family atmosphere but also caters to its “Spring Break” crowds.  The town consists of old and newer buildings and many of the areas tend to be quite affordable, especially for living on or near the water.

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