Why do I need renter’s insurance for Tampa apartments?

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You'll want renters insurance to protect all of your valuables in Tampa apartments like Bell Channelside. Click on the image to find out how to lease today!

Most Tampa apartment communities only have insurance that covers damage to the actual unit. This means that everything that YOU own – your clothes, electronics, furniture, and valuables – is not protected and is left vulnerable to damage. To protect your belongings in case of damage, theft or fire, you need our own renter's insurance policy. Most apartment communities won't even let you rent the apartment without requesting proof of renter's insurance.

Besides protecting your valuables in apartments in Tampa, renter's insurance may also include liability coverage. This means, it will cover any damages caused by negligence. This includes leaving your bathtub on and having it overflow into the neighbor's apartment. If you did not have renter's insurance, you could be paying for medical bills, repairs and lawyer's costs out of pocket. Renter's insurance protects you against this.

Even the best Tampa apartments are susceptible to any sort of damage, just like any other apartment community or single family home. Keep in mind; however, that there are some things that basic renter's insurance does not cover. This includes floods, earthquakes, nuclear hazards or mudslides. If you happen to live in an area where this may be an issue (which in Florida, we are almost certain you won't really have to worry about an earthquake!) you may want to look into getting a separate policy for those types of natural disasters.

A renter's insurance policy for apartments in Tampa may also cover loss of use. This means, your policy will help cover your living expenses in the case that you have to leave your dwelling after an accident or natural disaster. Let's say a 200-year-old oak tree crashed through your roof during one of Tampa's famous afternoon thunderstorms. The renter's insurance policy would cover your hotel, food and any other expenses incurred during that time.

Rent's insurance may also cover injury to another person and damages to their property, if caused y negligence. For example, if you live in a dog friendly community and your Chihuahua gets loose and bites your neighbor, your policy may cover the cost of the damage.

When deciding how much renter's insurance coverage you need in Tampa apartments, you will want to ask what your apartment community requires first. Many communities have very specific minimums you must have in liability coverage. You will want to make sure you value all of your belongings correctly, in the case you will actually need to replace these items one day. Hopefully that day will never come, but just in case, it is smart to take photos and notes of all of the very important items you have. While these items may not necessarily be completely replaceable, you'll at least have the opportunity to gain the value of each item back in the case of a disaster. 

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