Any suggestions on fun fitness classes near Tampa apartments that’ll help motivate me to work out?

One of my favorite aspects of living in Tampa Bay is the abundance of things to do. Whether you're looking to grab a drink at a local brewery, get some work done in a quaint coffee shop or sweat out yesterday's happy hour on a run along Bayshore, Tampa is the ideal spot for USF students and young professionals alike. If you're looking to figuratively and literally become more active in the Tampa community, here's where you should begin:

Gym memberships

A high percentage of apartments in Tampa are equipped with a gym and/or workout room. If your Tampa apartment has one, then I would suggest taking full advantage of it since you're already (technically) paying for it in your rent. If not, there are a ton of gyms throughout the 813 where you can purchase a monthly or annual membership. For those of you who are just getting your foot in the door of your fitness journey, I would suggest purchasing a membership at Crunch. Not only are there a handful of locations from South Tampa to Carrollwood, but memberships at Crunch start at $9.95 per month.  

Class Pass

If you're looking for group workout classes, purchasing a class pass allows you to try out various genres of fitness classes with one membership. Starting at $9 per month, membership holders are able to sign up for classes at different yoga studios, CrossFit gyms and even cycling bars. This method not only lets you dip your toes into classes you normally would've never tried out, but class pass also enables you discover your niche workout routine. One of my favorite classes to take is at SoHo cycling - if your Tampa apartment is in the SoHo area, you MUST try this out for a good sweat session.

The Outdoors

Last but not least, I would suggest taking advantage of the one workout area that is virtually all Tampa apartments have to offer: the outdoors. Going on a walk with my friends along Bayshore Boulevard is one of my favorite things to do on Sunday evenings. It's the most iconic street in Tampa, so there is always a lot of foot traffic at all hours of the day. Whether you're taking a sunset stroll or enduring a morning run, there'll always be someone to smile and wave at on Bayshore. Additionally, utilizing the beach or local park for a relaxing yoga session is the perfect way to get your blood flowing and lungs full of clean air.

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