Will my apartment rent cover water and trash?

Like most living communities, Clearwater apartments will range in variance of what each property will include in your rental agreement. When searching for a new place in the area, keep in mind a list of preferences you prefer to have in order to sign a new lease. These options can include closet space, washer and dryers, designated parking areas, or even water and trash bills. In some instances, many apartment communities in this area do cover water and trash bills into your over all rent. However, some places do not. It is always best to check with your leasing administrator in order to insure whether or not you will need to pay for these bills in addition to your rent. When looking at our Clearwater page, click on the search now button to begin your hunt for communities that include these specific utility bills into your rent. Under the cable and utilities option you can select water and the trash removal options. Once you select these, a list of possible living areas will appear on the page. All of these options will include your preference. You can narrow down your search from there to see which candidate is best for you!

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