Where can I find a St. Pete apartment with a garage?

The Florida sun can be killer on your car when it's left outside year-round. Finding a St. Pete apartment with a garage is a great answer to this taxing issue. If you want to keep your car's paint looking fresh for years to come, some sort of sun protection will be necessary. Not only will your paint stay fresh, your car won't be 120 degrees if you hop in at noon. It probably won't stay at a comfortable 72, but it will definitely not be as hot!

Of course, there are certainly other reasons that a garage at your St. Pete apartment is desirable. Not only will keeping your car in the garage protect the paint job, it also keeps your car safer than simply leaving it in a parking lot or on the street. If you often leave valuables in your car overnight, a garage will keep those items safer.

A garage is also great for storing the tons of outdoor gear that seems to pile up when you live in Florida. Lawn chairs, beach umbrellas, camping equipment, bikes, skates, and more are items that you really don't want to have to lug indoors and then outdoors every time that you use them. Having a garage is a great way to securely store these items and more.

In your search for St. Pete apartments with garages, head on over to our super easy apartment search tool. On this page, you can easily search based on what sort of parking you are looking for. There are apartments with covered parking, which is great if you are mostly concerned with keeping your car out of the sun. There are also apartments that offer your own garage – great if you need the extra security for your things. If your main concern is simply knowing that you will always have a spot to park in, that option is available as well! There's certainly something to be said for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you don't have to tote your groceries from miles away during an afternoon rainstorm. And if you decide you don't really need a garage after all, you can simply choose on-street parking or basic parking included in rent.

Whatever you decide to look for in your St. Pete apartment, chances are that we have an apartment to fit your needs. Our search tool also allows you to search based on other features, including location, price, bedroom – or more specific criteria, like pets allowed, lease length, or proximity to public transportation. Hopefully, you will be able to narrow down your choices to a few St. Petersburg apartments that you want to tour. When you do, you can contact them through our website and let them know when you want to visit.

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