Is there a place to live in St. Pete that’s similar to Bayshore?

Are you looking for St. Pete apartments near Bayshore? There are lots of Tampa apartments located alongside Bayshore's 4.5 mile sidewalk, but this is at least a thirty minute drive from the beachy areas of St. Petersburg.


Located just South of downtown, Bayshore's waterfront Boulevard is one of Tampa's most favorable attributes of the city. Acclaimed for its ten foot wide continuous sidewalk along the water, Bayshore attracts bike riders, joggers, and walkers at all times of the day.  St. Pete, although a thirty-minute drive, does offer similar housing properties similar to that of Bayshore.


When traveling through Bayshore, you will quickly notice its variety in housing types. Bordering the water are million dollar homes, historic bungalows and luxury apartments. If you drive a little further into the neighborhood, you will encounter more townhomes, condos and starter homes. All of these neighborhoods are embedded with canopy trees, inviting districts and accessible sidewalks. The community is calm, quite and a great place for families.  If you are looking for St. Pete apartments similar to this type of community, search for homes in Old Historic North East.


The demand for St. Pete apartments is quite high in this area. Due to its accessibility into surrounding districts such as Downtown and the beach many find living in the region to be very accommodating. Additionally, there is lots of entertainment near this Hillsborough County suburb.


For starters, If you love the outdoors and getting some exercise on a daily basis, this is a great area to take advantage of. There is a three miles bike lane, a greenway trail to enjoy the scenic urban landscape with plenty of park space. Many marathons, and races take place in this area. Many fitness gym and outdoor classes are offered in this area, such as spin, pilates, bare and yoga.


If you like to dine out, you have plenty of option to enjoy when living here. Downtown is just minutes away from  the North East district. In fact, the two practically connect. In this area there are unlimited options when it comes to night ife. Friday and Saturday nights on 4th street are cluttered with college graduates, business professionals and socialites. First Friday is also held in this location.


This part of town is also great for commuters or for those who are unsure of what area they want to live in. Living in this area is very close to other neighboring communities. This allows residents the opportunity to experience what the other districts may be like. Often times, many homes near this neighborhood are located in parts of downtown.


Renting on this waterfront suburb does come with a high cost. As previously mentioned, these units are not always available, and when they are, they rent out for a pretty price. The competition is high, inventory is low-so be prepared to throw down some dollars on a waterfront bedroom. If you want to risk paying high and waiting for an available property, you may want to travel further into downtown or just outside of 4th street. However, this is a little further away from your desired area and the ambiance is slightly different.


In general, this infamous part of Tampa Bay gains significant attention due to its entertainment, convenience and athletic atmosphere along
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