Can I find a one-bedroom apartment in downtown St. Pete for cheap?

Cheap is a term with positive connotations. While the word can help settle a hasty gulp and aid in easing difficult decisions, the subjective meaning is sometimes hard to come by.

The term cheap, for many, can be quite ambiguous. This could mean landing an apartment lease on special for half the price, or getting a good dollar amount per square footage, or even a smaller unit in a trendy location. Whatever that term means to you, there is certainly some form of the definition waiting for you in this city.

Reflecting its historical elements and new wave trends, St. Pete apartments come in a variety of types. Depending on which types of units you prefer and in which location you wish to live, will really help you predict what type of ‘cheap' home is right for you.

The majority of young St. Pete residents tend to take up space in the downtown St. Petersburg area. Apart from the fact that the University of South Florida St. Pete campus resides in this area, there are also numbers city-life limbs that help entertain fellow residents of the area. Downtown St. Pete apartments are blended with metropolitan flare and a suburban Manhattan feel. This area is enriched with coffee shops, boutiques, pubs, and sleek restaurants. There is also plenty of park space in the center of town and this neighborhood is not too far from the beach lands. An expanding music scene has been springing up upon the St. Pete district, with live music on St. Pete's 4th street strip. A number of Indie Bands and rock duos have entertained the city at its State Theatre and Jannus Landing music arenas.

Downtown St. Pete has become in higher demand over the last few years, resulting in higher priced community buildings and less inventory options. However, because of the student and younger population in this area, there are viable and ‘cheaper' dwellings to choose from. Again, do know that these units, although much more expensive than floorplans on the outskirts of town, are ‘cheap' for the surroundings that you are entitled to with convenience when living in this area.

The average one-bedroom apartment in this location does tend to be ranging from $1,000-$1,200 dollars each month. This is, quite expensive considering most square footage on these units are less than 800 square feet. However, for this price, you get the vibrancy of city feel, beach life, and entertainment.

In comparison, although you may find larger apartments near St. Pete outside of downtown, it may be a twenty minute drive to any sort of restaurant and the beach could be a mere 45 minutes away. What it important to grasp, is that it is all about what you prefer. Do you prefer a larger home or one that is located in a trendy district?

There are great options just beyond the happenings 0f 4th street where you can find a great community for around $800 dollars a month. My word of advice for this neighborhood is to be consistent and persistent. Often times, there are no openings for new move ins. However, if you actively stay on your search, you can really find a great dwelling for an affordable price in this location.

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