There are a lot of apartments in St. Pete – how can I choose the right one?

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St. Charles Row
St. Charles Row is a newly remodeled community in St. Pete.

An apartment search can be daunting. With so many places to choose from, you probably want to give up before you start. What about when you pick out a million places that "look good" from the ads, only to get there to see something totally different? RentTampaBay helps take all the stress out of your apartment search. The rentals on our site have been reviewed by real people, like yourself, and our firsthand accounts of living in these areas makes much less work for you. We use real pictures of properties, and give you the lowdown on each place so that you can narrow you searches down without driving all over town, or making a special visit to your new town. Our neighborhood guides were written by locals, ensuring that you know what parts of town cater to which lifestyles, and can choose where you want to live without driving around and trying to judge it based on the looks.

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