Is Clearwater your typical beach city?

Wondering what it might be like living in Clearwater apartments? The city of Clearwater is the prime center for beach life enjoyment. This coastal town is the heart of the Bay areas tourism, however, it is far from your typical beach community.

One of the elements most new residents of Pinellas County residents are surprised to learn is that Clearwater is filled with a multi-layer of art and culture. Many surrounding areas are enriched in a grand mix of museums, wineries and gallery theatres. Upon first stroll throughout the streets of the town, you will quickly take notice of its free standing sculptures throughout the centers of parks and pavement. Some of these art works showcase the history of Clearwater, creating statues of Cecillia Lueza and Hanna Jubran. Interesting enough, art pieces like these are not an oddity of town. In face, the community displays its love for style and flare throughout the city.

Apart from the cultural significance of art, the social setting of the area is quite laid back, as expected. Many stroll slowly hand and hand throughout the boardwalk and enjoy doing just that. As a result of this being a coastal neighborhood, many do prefer to spend their days outside. Some of these activities include, dolphin watching, fishing, boating, or jut relaxing out by the water. Florida's weather in this region remains mostly hot throughout the year, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Although the days here are quite calm, the nightlife is far from it. Surrounding Clearwater apartments are dozens of bars, restaurants, theaters, hotels and festivals. With the amount of tourism throughout the region, it is rare to experience a quite weekend evening. Just along the coast, many hotels come alive at night, turning their outdoor patios and lounges into clubs and pubs. Downtown hosts family friendly festivals such as the classical movie film festival at Capitol Theatre. Coachman Park is another famous attraction where favorite bands and festivals are held.

Living in Clearwater apartments means living just a skip away from the beach. Whether you decide to live downtown, or in older or newer homes, the rent seems to be quite affordable. Although it will be more expensive to live on the water, know that living just off of the beach still allows you a minute's access to the shore and can significantly lower rent prices. Additionally, living just outside of the pier can help decrease the amount of tourist you may run into.

Many of the folks who live in Clearwater apartments tend to be middle to elderly aged. This is, in fact, the perfect place to retire. If you are expecting to live in a younger neighborhood, consider traveling further into downtown.

Clearwater is far from just being a simple beach town. Engulfed in a cultural world of art and surrounded by plenty of things to do, many find that living in this community has many benefits.


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