Is it more expensive to live in St. Pete?

St. Pete apartments are some of the most sought after real estate properties in all of the bay area. The city of St. Petersburg is known for its eclectic town mixed with historical facets, coastal designs and modern elements. Home to nearly 2.8 million residents, this region is one of the largest cities in the Tampa bay community. The town's location of being just between the Gulf of Mexico shoreline and the metropolitan makes it a vivacious location for those who seek vacation aspirations in the midst of an urban industry.

Without a doubt, the St. Pete neighborhoods are a worldly attraction for tourist and retirees who seek the Florida weather all year round. There are nearly 360 days of sunshine in this city, and it is not a wonder why many prefer to live on these shores.

Similar to most towns, living by or even just near the water can be quite costly. Fortunately, St. Pete apartments are present throughout the near 100 neighborhoods in the area. This allows variety in prices when it comes to apartment hunting. Most of these neighborhoods are deemed to be “historic” districts, however, there are also many upgraded and newer properties as well.

If you are especially looking for vulnerable pricing in the city, Downtown St. Petersburg is the demanding and thriving precinct in the region. This community is filled with high-rise apartments, breath taking views of the city and the ocean. The area is predominated with students, graduates, and young business professionals. Yes, some parts are downtown can be expensive, however, there are cheaper alternatives. Living near the University of South Florida, St. Pete College or the Stetson University College of Law tends to house more affordable units. Once you get closer to the business entities and skyscrapers, the prices will begin to rise.

Many of the prominent neighborhoods such as Old Northeast, Euclid, and Crescent Lake tend to be more expensive with less rental options. These types of neighborhoods do vary in housing types from million dollar properties to single family homes. These specified locations are centered around family-friendly conditions. There are plenty of parks, grassland areas, and the water surrounding these homes. The landscape invites a welcoming yet laid back population. If this is your type of living, you may want to consider living just outside of these districts, doing so can nearly cut your rent price in half.

When it comes to comparing this district to other Tampa Bay counties, you will find that parts of St. Petersburg are well and beyond the average living median across the board. However, not all areas of this town are highly priced. There are plenty of units located outside of downtown near the schools, those just a few miles from the water, and some located near family friendly neighborhoods that are considered affordable for the area. Do know, however, that some do find Tampa and Clearwater to be cheaper alternatives to this tourist town.


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